Can an ugly guy get a pretty girl

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it possible?

Can an ugly guy get a pretty girl?
Can a less attractive person steal the heart of a very attractive person?
Do average looking people have a chance?

First of all i am sure you are not ugly but to answer your question: yes an ugly guy can get a pretty girl and an ugly girl can get a pretty guy as well.

So how can this be? Let me first explain to you a very important fact about the brain.
Do you know that the warnings on cigarette packs can actually lead to more cigarette consumption?
(see Why health warnings can increase cigarettes consumption).

I know you are wondering what does this has to do with attracting someone you love. just hang on with me and everything will become clear.

Yes those ugly looking images can motivate some people to smoke even more. In my previous articles i said that the brain depends greatly on associations in its operation. (see also How to use neuroscience to influence people)

The brains keeps on making associations between things in such a way that seeing one thing can remind you of another unrelated thing. I am pretty sure it happened to you once that you smelled a certain perfume then suddenly remembered an old event that happened before.

How associations affect emotions

People who smoke feel much better when they do. Because smoking helps them maintain their psychological stability smokers get pleasant feelings when they smoke.

But because smokers usually keep smoking while the cigarette pack is on the table in front of them the horrible images on the pack get associated with pleasurable feelings. In other words as the person keeps feeling good while seeing those images they usually turn into signals that motivate that person to smoke more.

After sometime the smoker can crave smoking as soon as he sees on of those images because they remind him of the pleasurable feelings he gets when he smokes.

In my previous article Why we get bored of songs i explained how the bad feelings we experience in our daily lives get associated with the songs we hear all the time and as a result we hate the songs we previously loved.

You might be wondering what does all this has to do with attracting someone when you are not as attractive as them?

What does all this have to do with love

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that each person has certain needs that he unconsciously wants to satisfy. When a person meets someone who seem to able to satisfy most of his unconscious needs then he might fall in love with that person.

Now lets assume that an unattractive person kept satisfying the important psychological needs of a very attractive person each time they met? As this keeps happening over and over the attractive person will experience pleasant feelings in the presence of the less attractive person.

Now as this process keeps repeating over and over the attractive person will associate the presence of the less attractive one with happiness, satisfaction and joy.

Shortly the attractive person will fall for the less attractive one without consciously understanding what happened. In short, you do have a chance even if you think you aren't that attractive.

Do looks really matter? Can an unattractive person attract a very attractive one? Yes its quite possible and this is exactly what Jane's Code is all about. A revolutionary book that explains how love can be manipulated no matter who you are or how you look like.

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