How to use neuroscience to influence people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why it is easy to manipulate the human brain

Do you know that you can easily influence people and affect them?
Do you know that convincing people and impressing them is much easier than you think?
Do you know that Neuroscience can help you control people's minds?

Neuroscience is the science of studying the way the brain functions and interacts with the world. By getting more understanding of the human brain and knowing how it works you will easily be able to click on its push buttons.

Think of the brain as a very powerful computer that operates in a certain way. Once you know how that computer works you can easily influence it, affect it and even control it.

You might think that people are always very rational but that's completely wrong. Why would a woman scream and even run when she sees a cat? Can cats really harm people? No most cats can't harm anybody but the human brain doesn't put so much weight to logic and this is why it can easily be manipulated.

Some important facts about the brain

  • 1) Most decisions are taken on the unconscious level
  • 2) All emotions come from the unconscious mind
  • 3) The unconscious mind notices cues the conscious mind can hardly notice
  • 4) The subconscious mind changes emotions and decisions based on those cues

Let's suppose you just met someone and felt that this person doesn't like you. Any idea where those feelings came from? Of course they came from the subconscious mind but what caused them in the first place?

The main reason you got those feelings is that the subconscious mind saw certain cues that the conscious mind didn't notice. After the subconscious mind saw those cues it compared them against the memory to see what they mean and as a result you got a feeling that this person doesn't like you.

Of course those feelings might be totally incorrect. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how people lose their confidence as a result of interpreting the cues they see incorrectly.

But that's what you should care about now. The important conclusion i want you to make here is that you can easily influence people's brains by just altering those cues.

What are some examples of those unconscious cues?

To make it short: Everything is a cue.

The colors a person sees, the air he breathes, the room temperature, the noise, the sounds, the words you use, the way you talk, the way you are dressed, the way you sit, your passion, your energy, the surroundings and anything that the person can see or feel is a cue.

In brief, anything that can pass to the brain through the senses is a cue. Each of those cues will make the subconscious mind come with a certain conclusion. The final feeling a person will get about something will be the result of the combined effect of all of those cues. By combining the right cues together you can influence a person or convince him without actually doing any effort.

But in order to do this you need to get a very deep understanding of the way the subconscious mind interprets certain cues. And this is exactly what the Super powers course is all about. By understanding how the brain interprets certain cues you can arrange the right cues in place and take over the mind of any person.

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