How some leaders & politicians control people's minds

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do politicians hypnotize people

Why do people follow political leaders blindly?
Why do some nations accept poverty and bad treatment from their governments without rebelling?
Do certain leaders hypnotize their people?

I got that question from one of the readers who asked me why so many people follow bad leaders blindly. The reader was wondering whether those people use hypnosis or other spells to take over people's brains.

Those people don't use hypnosis but use a much effective way that takes away people's free will and forces them to move like a herd without thinking for a moment about the destination they are heading to.

This is not a direct method of hypnosis but it's a more subtle way of taking over the minds of groups of people by just altering their perceptions and beliefs.

How to fool a nation

In one famous country the citizens revolted against the military leaders for taking over the country. People demanded a Civil president and kept protesting against the military regime. After a short while the military stepped away and allowed people to elect their president freely. When the civil president came he shortly fell of the expectations and people weren't that satisfied with him.

In addition to that the old regime kept working against the new president to make sure he fails. One of the very apparent techniques they used was pulling police men away from streets to allow criminals to work freely, steal cars and cause terror.

Shortly people were living in hell. It was so common for a person to get mugged or for his car to be stolen in bright day light. People started feeling afraid, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Because people lived a horrible phase of their lives during that era they went on protests against the civilian president they chose. When military leaders saw that they took over the rule again but this time people cheered for them, danced in the streets and thanked God for the arrival of the saviors.

So how come the same person who protested against a military leader few month ago cheered for another and thanked God for his arrival?

The short answer is brain control techniques.

Why it is very easy to take over a nation's mind

  • 1) Fear can make people irrational: Soon after people lived in fear they wished for the old regime to come back just because they can't tolerate living like that anymore
  • 2) Most people have double standards: A nation can easily hate a man then believe that he is great few month later. Most humans fall trap to double standards which help them justify so many of the things that can't be rationally explained. The citizens believed that military leaders were bad in 2011 but also believed they were great in 2013
  • 3) Emotions wipe medium term memory When people get so emotional they forget about the needs they had few month ago and they just focus on their current needs. Instead of asking for a new civil president the citizens welcomed military leaders once again
  • 4) It's so easy to fool people with emotional talks: After taking over the country again Military leaders gave very emotional talks that made people forget about everything and fall in love with the new regime
  • 5) Set points change: A person's desires are always affected by the psychological set points in his mind. People wanted to live better lives but when they were left to suffer they begged for their former lives forgetting about their big dreams
  • 6) Mind programming: When the media keeps repeating things over and over people most people believe in them no matter how absurd they sound. During the rule of the civil president the media , which was loyal to the military regime, kept saying that the current president had plans to sell parts of the country's famous monuments. Fact: most people believed that

In short, its very easy to take over the human brain. As much as people appear to be smart the combination of emotional thinking, group thinking and double standards can let them take very irrational decisions.

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