How to cast a spell on someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Casting a spell using psychology

Ever wanted someone to like you?
Ever wanted to change someone's beliefs?
Ever wanted to motivate someone to do something?

Well the good news i have for you is that you can do that using psychology. The question that might have came to your mind is what does a spell has to do with psychology?

In fact, a lot of things.

The power of suggestion

When was the last time you thought that a person disliked you then shortly started avoiding that person all together?

This situation happens a lot but do you know that in many cases it just happens in our minds? In other words sometimes we just believe that someone dislikes us without having any evidence to prove that assumption then shortly this belief becomes a part of our reality.

Because the mind works by collecting clues that can support its beliefs shortly tens of false evidences show up and prove to you that this person dislikes you. In the Solid Self confidence program i talked about this phenomenon and explained how people end up losing their confidence by imagining things that never happened.

Implementing the Seed

Now such irrational beliefs don't come out of nowhere but there is usually a seed that the whole process begins with. This seed could be a strange look coming from a stranger or an action that we don't fully understand.

Now back to the Spell. In order to cast a spell on someone you need to Implement that seed and not worry about watering it because that person's mind will keep watering it until it will grow into a solid belief.

And once a belief gets strong enough it becomes more powerful than 1000 spells.

A practical example for casting a good spell

Let's suppose that a friend of mine lacks confidence because he thinks that he is not smart. If i told him that he is smart nothing will happen because his mind will filter this information.

Thus i need to select the right time to implement my seed so that his mind never resists it. If for example my friend did something brilliant no matter how small it is i can then send him the suggestion directly by connecting his actions with the new belief i am trying to implement.

"You wouldn't have managed to do that if you weren't very smart"

By just saying that phrase at a time where my friend's mind was receptive the seed for a new powerful belief will be implemented and shortly my friend will start to realize that he is really smart.

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