How to make someone love you spell

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make someone love you spell

Knowledge about psychology can be more powerful than a thousand spell.
I have been studying psychology since 1999 and i came to discover that there are few things that can make any person fall in love with you if done right.

While i don't how effective spells are, i am sure that psychological spells are effective and worth trying.

How to cast a spell

In my article why is gossip bad i said that whenever someone tells us something about a person we start to seek clues to prove that thing true. If someone told you that one of your friends is a liar you will start to look for any signs that proves that he is a liar even if you were unsure of them.

For example if your friend hesitated or touched his face while talking you will quickly assume that he is a liar even though he might have been telling the truth.

Now what if another person came and told you that this person is a liar? won't you start to believe more that he is a liar?

Certainly that will happen but what does this has to do with falling in love??

How to cast a spell that makes a person love you

If you showed off your points of strength indirectly (for example lifting heavy weights in the gym in front of someone compared to telling him that you are strong) then sent one or two loyal friends to reassure the target about these points of strength he will certainly believe them.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that in order to make someone fall for you then you must display the points of strength that he is badly in need of and not anything else.

A shy person is most likely to be attracted to a confident person, someone who feels lost in life will certainly going to be attracted to a person who knows his life purpose and so on.

You need to find out about the unmet needs of your target, display the qualities that shows that you can help him satisfy these unmet needs then send your loyal friends to confirm your message.

How will the love spell work?

The mind receives billions of bits of information per second but discards most of them in order to keep the 7 important bits that will be transferred to the long term memory.

The filtering operation is usually biased towards the person's beliefs, so if someone received a message from more than one source stating that you are desirable, popular and attractive he will keep collecting clues that proves this information true even if there were no real clues.

In short, you have to do the first two steps right then let the person's mind do the rest.

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