case study on attracting someone to you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Case study on making someone fall in love with you

It was the first day of work for Salem where he was getting introduced to the people he will work with. Jenna and Mary were the two coworkers he met that day and he happened to like Jenna at the first sight.

Unlike what most people do Salem didn't try to talk to Jenna before he collected enough information about her psychological background. After asking loyal common friends he came to know that Jenna is the elder sister of two younger females.

In addition he got to know , from the way she behaves, that she is too ambitious and that building a successful career was one of her goals.

Jenna was much more attractive than Mary and this was one reason many people were giving her more attention than the later. (see also What attracts men)

Salem started approaching Marry and building a good relationship with her while being "nice but distant" to Jenna. After two weeks Jenna started doing some attempts to get closer to Salem and this was the time when he turned much colder and even more mysterious.

Only when Jenna got confused and started to back off did Salem become nice once again to her. After sometime Salem got to know that Jenna likes him from the body language signs she sends and this was the time where he told her about his feelings.

Why did Salem act that way?

Lets analyze every single detail in this story to know why Salem acted that way. Jenna was very attractive and she knew that fact, that's why she always expected people to approach her. Now What Salem did is that he broke the normal routine. Even though Jenna wasn't interested in him she kept wondering why did that guy ignore me? (see Why being mysterious works)

When Salem knew that Jenna is the elder sister he concluded that there is a great possibility that she would be very sensitive to attention competition. Elder children usually find themselves replaced by younger siblings who get a big share of the attention they used to get.

As a result they usually grow up hating to lose the attention they are getting from people to someone else. The fact that Jenna was so ambitious made this conclusion seem more realistic since her ambition was her defense mechanism against being replaced by others. Salem gave Mary attention in order to provoke Jenna's feelings and he was right. At this point Jenna didn't have feelings for Salem but she was chasing him for one reason.

She didn't want the past to repeat itself once again (being replaced by someone else just like what happened to her when her sisters were born). See How childhood experiences affect adulthood and How your birth order affects your relationships

How emotions become more intense

When Jenna started chasing Salem that way he knew that now she has an extremely important need that she was trying to satisfy through him and as a result he became cold and more mysterious. (see How to use the weapon of attention to attract people to you)

When Salem become mysterious Jenna started to think about him much more and as a result she started asking herself the "why not be with him question". Because Salem was mysterious and unpredictable her emotions toward him became ten times more intense. (see also How to attract someone you like)

After all when we humans find that the thing we want became unattainable we start to want it more. Few days later Jenna's emotions became so intense that her body language revealed it all.

This was a simple example to show you how is it possible to make someone fall for you as soon as you understand how his brain works.

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