How to use the weapon of attention to attract people to you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The weapon of attention

When it comes to attracting people to you attention is considered one of the most powerful weapons provided that its used properly.

Give attention in the right time and you will become a desirable person now use it in the wrong time and you will be considered a desperate person.

Because many people don't know exactly when to give attention and when to pull back i decided to write this post to tell you how to use that weapon properly.

How to use attention to attract people

As a general rule you should observe the amount of attention a person is getting before you decide whether you will give him attention or not.

If the person you like is popular, gets a lot of attention then giving him more attention won't do you any good, If on the other hand, that person gets little attention then giving him attention will make him become more attracted to you.

Its not recommended that you start doing anything before you observe how people interact with the person you like. How many people approach your target? how many of them talk about him? are people constantly looking and gazing at that person in an obvious way?

People get attracted to those who provide them with ways to fulfill their unmet needs,now when you give attention to someone who already gets a lot of attention you will just find yourself waiting in the queue with the other fans.

Attraction and significance

In my psychology of love book i said that if a person considers you important then your attention will certainly affect him however if he doesn't think that you are that important then your efforts will go in vain.

This is where the second biggest attention giving mistake happens. People start to give attention to others even though others don't consider them that important and that's why those people get labelled as annoying.

When you get to know a person you first need to impress him before you start to give him any attention. Being Mysterious until you impress a person is always a good idea.

Show that you are interested a bit earlier and you will be considered a desperate person. Once you impress the person and make sure that he considers you important
you can then start giving him attention. Only then your plan will work.

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