How to be desirable

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be desirable

When it comes to attracting potential partners most people do the same common mistakes then wonder why they aren't finding any success.

Usually most people start by showing interest in the other person then they keep watching for signals that shows mutual interest, if they found those signals they become optimistic else they give up.

The fact that most people aren't aware of is that those signals might not have any effect unless you are considered desirable.

Suppose that the most unattractive person you know started sending you signals of interest, will that force you to become attracted to him? of course no

now what if a desirable person started sending you signals of interest, won't that make the chance of liking him become higher?

Step one is being desirable

Before you start sending signals of interest you must first be desirable.
Each person believes that he has a certain level of self worth let me call it the total score. people only find those who have a higher total score or at least a similar score to be desirable.

So if someone with a lower total score approached you then you might consider yourself too good for him.

Based on this fact we can conclude that in order to be desirable you must first show your potential partner that you have a higher total score.

Now to the practical part, how to be desirable?

  • Show off indirectly: People like those who have higher total scores but they hate those who declare it directly. You must do your best to reveal certain information about yourself indirectly that forces the other person to conclude that you have a higher total score.
  • Use social proof: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that when other people recommend you to a person he/she will believe that you are desirable. The effect of suggestions on shaping beliefs has no limits but the suggestions has to come from trusted sources like close friends for example. see Social proof theory
  • Don't be needy, a nice guy or pushy: People who declare their emotions very early, those who are needy, those who always chase the other person are a complete turn off to those having higher total scores. When a person finds someone chasing him desperately he automatically concludes that this person has a much lower total score than him and so he never finds him desirable

What to do after being desirable

Once you make sure that you became desirable you just have to send confusing mixed signals to your potential partner.

At this point he/she will start to think about you even more, wonder why you are being nice one day and cold the other day until you will manage to occupy his thoughts completely.

Only at this point you can declare your emotions safety while making sure that the possibility of rejection is almost non existent.

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