How attractive people think (understanding attractive people)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How attractive people think (understanding attractive people)

Many people wonder how extreemly attractive people think. I get mails from readers who ask me how to deal with attractive people and my answer to these emails usually reminds the reader of the fact that understanding how those people think is the best way to deal with them.

There are two types of attractive people, the ones who know that they are attractive and the ones who are unsure of their looks. The latter group are the ones who suffer from self image problems and you can safely assume that they think like any ordinary average looking person. (see also Self image problems)

The second group is the one that i will talk about in this article; the attractive people who know that they are very attractive.

In order to understand attractive people and know how they think read this post.

Inside the mind of attractive people

I have said earlier in my article How beliefs affect behaviour that people see the world according to their own beliefs instead of seeing reality.

Those attractive people always assume that everyone likes their looks even if some people showed lack of interest. Contrary to common beliefs those people aren't immune from anxiety but they just get anxious for different reasons.

While an average looking person could get anxious because of not being sure whether people will like his looks or not an extremely attractive person might feel anxious because of:

  • Thinking that people will judge him based on the popular stereotypes: For example , Blonds are stupid
  • Being in the center of attention: Those people believe that everyone is looking at them and as a result some of them become self conscious especially around strangers or when attention comes from people they are not interested in. Its not uncommon for a very attractive girl to feel extremely anxious when walking in a street full of people who seem uninteresting
  • They fear that people overlook their personalities: Those people know that everyone knows that they are attractive but on the other hand they sometimes doubt that people notice the good side of their personalities.

Do attractive people show off?

Yes they do. While an average looking person could do his best to show off his elegance or looks an attractive person might do his best in order to show off his personality.

People show off when they assume that people are looking down on them. A Guy will try to prove that girls like him when he thinks that people think otherwise (see also The psychology of players). The same goes for attractive people, they will try to show off their personalities when they think that people see nothing but their looks.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that extremely attractive people are not superior but they just have different weak points than the ones the average looking person has.

Attractive people and attention seeking

Can an attractive person seek attention?
Yes it can happen. An attractive person always assumes that every person will notice him wherever he is but sometimes he gets confused when he finds some people not looking towards him or not giving him the attention he used to get. (see also Why do people crave attention)

Ordinary people might strive to get attention when they believe no one is paying attention to them while attractive people might strive for attention when they start to get less attention than the attention they used to get.

How to deal with extremely attractive people?

First of all you must understand that you are dealing with ordinary humans who have flaws just like you. It's just that their flaws are sometimes invisible to you because you see the world according to your own belief system. For you extremely beautiful might mean flawless or perfect while for them beautiful from the outside and empty from the inside might mean inferior.

Had you been in their place for one day you would never felt anxious around them.

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