Effective weight loss tips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Effective weight loss tips

Everyone wants to lose weight these days but ever wondered why most people never manage to do it successfully? And even among those who succeed a large percentage of them regain the weight they lost once again.

Losing weight is not rocket science, in fact its a simple thing provided that you know how to do it correctly. In this article i will tell you about some effective weight loss tips that will certainly help you lose weight without much effort.

Here is how to lose weight

  • weight loss tip #1 ,getting rid of external dependency: Some people overeat without understanding that the main cause behind their eating habits is the desire to escape. Didn't you notice that you eat when you feel down, sad, bad or even bored? If that's the case then fixing your underlying emotions is the key to changing your eating habits and losing weight
  • weight loss tip #2, getting rid of false beliefs about food: Limiting beliefs such as “food can make me happy” are among the common causes for being unable to stop eating. No one can deny that food releases hormones that can make you feel happy but that only happens on the short term. As soon as the effect of the food disappears you will find yourself feeling bad once again in addition to feeling guilty because you overate.
  • weight loss tip#3 balance your serotonin levels: Carbohydrates increase the level of serotonin in your blood which is the hormone that makes us feel happy and that prevents depression. When you eat less carbohydrates you may feel a little down and so escape to food to elevate your mood. In order to prevent this from happening just read this article to know how to naturally increase serotonin levels so that you Neutralize the effect of lack of carbohydrates.
  • weight loss tip #4, never misuse your will power If you want to exit a room then it makes no sense to use all of your power to push against the walls while you can easily go out by just turning the knob. Find out the knob for your eating habits and losing weight will be an easy task. For example some people work in real stressful jobs and thus rush to eat every time they feel overwhelmed, turning the knob this case is as simple as finding out how to reduce stress in their lives

Effective eating habits that can help you lose weight

  • weight loss tip #1, eat slowly: The brain sends the fullness signal after about 20 minutes of eating with disregard to the amount of food you ate. In order to eat less just eat slowly so that this signal gets sent before you finish your plate.
  • weight loss tip #2, don’t skip meals: contrary to common beliefs skipping a meal will not make you lose weight. when you skip a meal your body starts to slows down the metabolic rate in order to prevent you from running out of supplies, the slow metabolic rate only makes you feel tired and doesn't help you lose weight.
  • weight loss tip #3, eat small meals: its better to eat many small meals rather than eating few big meals. When you eat a big meal excess food is stored as fats while when you eat a small meal your metabolic rate becomes faster and so weight loss becomes easier
  • weight loss tip #4,eat fresh food: Eat fresh food, vegetables and avoid junk foods. Junk foods are usually full of fats and excess calories that can ruin your weight loss efforts.
  • weight loss tip #5 drink more water water can make you feel full thus help you eat less. Try to increase your water consumption and if you got bored of it you can eat fruits as they have good amounts of water

Effective tips for increasing your metabolic rate

We all know that increasing the the metabolic rate can help in weight loss, here are some effective methods that can help you increase your metabolic rate:

  • weight loss tip #1,don’t eat right before going to sleep: Metabolism slows before you go to sleep thus eating at that time will let you gain additional weight even if you didn't eat much. Avoid eating before going to sleep and if you felt Hungary eat a fruit or some vegetables .
  • weight loss tip #2,exercise to speed up your metabolic rate: There is no doubt that exercising increases the metabolic rate. This means that a person who regularly exercises burns more food even when he is at rest that a person who never excesses.
  • weight loss tip #3,drink tea: hot drinks increases metabolism and assists in burning food. Every now and then you could take a hot drink or even a hot cup of water this will keep your metabolism going at a fast rate most of the time

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