How long should you wait before marrying your partner

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there a certain time frame?

How long should you wait before marrying the person you are with?
Is there a certain amount of time that you should spend before taking that action?

The first thing you need to know about that topic is that there is no specific time. People are very different and because of that there can't be a single answer to that question.

This is why the right way to ask that question is to say 'when should i marry my partner'. The word 'When' here doesn't refer to a certain amount of time but it refers to the time when you realize that certain very important conditions were met.

In other words you should only marry the person you are with when certain things happen. If those things happened in 6 month you should marry that person. If they didn't happen for 3 years then you should still wait more until they appear.

When should you marry your partner

So many people would resist the idea of putting breakup as an option. Many people want to settle down so fast that the possibility of breaking up never come to their minds. I am not asking you to breakup of course but am just asking you to be very cautious before getting married for if you ignored the warning sings you might have a very sad life. See 10 signs you should breakup now.

So what are the signs you should see before marrying your partner?

  • 1) Realizing that you love that person instead of needing them: If you are attached to a person because you were feeling lonely, you want someone to make you feel better or because you want to forget about your problems then this is not true love. It's just a state of dependency where you just want to be with someone in order to forget about your emotional pain. See Signs you are a love addict
  • 2) You got a very deep understanding of that person: So many people rush into marriage without getting proper understanding of their partners. So many people don't even understand themselves and so they can hardly understand the people they are with. Learning more about psychology and human behaviour is no longer an option for you if you want to make sure you are marrying the right person. See 10 signs you are marrying the wrong person
  • 3) You aren't confused and you don't have doubts: People get confused about the things they don't like much. If you always dreamed of having a Ferrari then one day you gained enough money to buy it, will you feel confused? one of the most possible reasons for divorce is marrying someone you don't like that much
  • 4) You found that this person matches your Love map: If you found that this person matches most of the important items in your love map then it's OK to get married to them. Else you should wait. See finding the items in your love map
  • 5) You have no one else at the back of your mind: So many people get married to the ones they could get and not the ones they really want. As a result those people usually live miserable lives. If you have someone at the back of your mind then getting married won't be a good idea. What if that person came to you after you got married? This can help you recover

The Conclusion

In short, you should only get married when you are 100% sure that you are with a person that you really want to be with and that your emotions towards that person stem from your deep desire to be with them and not from your emotional needs.

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