5 signs you are a love addict

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How dangerous is love addiction

Just like there are drug addicts and gambling addicts there are also love addicts. For the first instance this might not sound like a serious addiction but the truth is that it can sometimes be as dangerous as those harmful addictions.

Love addicts use relationships to soothe their pain, escape from their problems and make their lives more tolerable. So what's the problem with that?

The problem is that they go for the first available person instead of making correct choices. The other problem is that their messed up lives always remain messed up since they take no actions to fix them and just use relationships as pain killers.

The problem with love addiction is that it might not seem so dangerous to a person because it doesn't look as harmful as drug addiction but when you get to know more about it you will discover that in some cases it can be even more dangerous.

When you do drugs you will know that you are doing something wrong. A part inside you will try to resist. Even if that resistance didn't exist you will still face a strong Resistance from society. Now when it comes to love addiction so many people fail to see it as a problem and so no resistance exits.

5 signs a person is a love addict

  • 1) They Can't tolerate being single: If a person is unable to stay single at all especially for short periods of time then there is a very large possibility that he is a love addict
  • 2) They think that a relationship is a soloution to all problems: Because love addicts don't try to solve their life problems and instead use relationships to escape from them they believe that finding love is the way to make their lives instantly better
  • 3) They fall in love very often: Love addicts fall in love more often than normal people. Because they are desperate to ease their pain they ignore many of their important needs and go for the first person who barely matches the important items in their unconscious love map
  • 4) Finding any person who loves them attractive: Love addicts fall in love with those who love them. Because they are desperate for a relationship they find any person who displays his love very attractive (see also How to attract people by giving attention)
  • 5) They have low self esteem: Many love addicts fall in love just to feel wanted and desired. They want someone to approve their worthiness and make them feel good about themselves

Why love addicts never get satisfied

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that each person has a list called the love map stored in his subconscious mind. This list , which most people are unaware of its existence, has all the items that defines a perfect future partner.

Because love addicts get into relationships fast they usually sacrifice many of the items in their love maps only to find out that they are with ones they don't really love.

The second problem is that love addicts get shocked as soon as they realize that the relationship didn't solve all of the problems they had in life. In short, love addiction is a real serious issue.

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