Does love come from the heart or the brain

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

love is blind

How does love really happen?
How many times you have seen your friends describing how their future love partners should be like only to find them later with totally different people?
Why do people end up with one's they never thought about being with?

Here is the simple answer: because most people aren't aware of what they truly want when it comes to relationships except for very few fortunate ones. Most people fall in love without understanding why or how it happens and this is why they always wonder whether love comes from the heart or the mind.

Your subconscious mind knows much more facts that your conscious mind does. Remember the last time you felt really anxious during a public speech? Did you know why it happened?

Because your subconscious mind saw some signals that triggered anxiety even though you weren't consciously aware of them. In other words your subconscious mind has access to more data than your conscious mind and this is why it sometimes changes your emotions without you understanding what's going on.

Does love come from the heart or the brain

Most people aren't aware of their unmet needs, psychological wounds or unconscious desires. For example a showy person won't tell you that he loves Instagram because it gives him an ego boost and allows him to show off but he might just think that he likes it because it has nice photo filers! Because the subconscious mind has access to all of the information you aren't consciously aware of it can easily determine the kind of person who is suitable for you.

In other words when you see someone and like him it means that your subconscious mind have seen enough signs to make sure that this person is good for you. You might wonder why would you love someone as soon as you meet them? The answer is simple your subconscious mind builds a list of all of the things that should be present in a potential partner based on your needs, beliefs and personality. (see also Love and compensation)

Now because the subconscious mind collects information through subtle cues that might not always be clear to your conscious mind it can quickly see things in a person and know that he is a good match for you even if you consciously didn't know the reason you liked him.

Can love be manipulated?

Can you manipulate someone and make him love you? The quick answer is yes. It's quite possible. If you managed to send the same signals a person's subconscious mind is looking for then his subconscious mind will believe that you are the one no matter how you look like or what your resources are.

This is exactly what Patrick, a below average guy did to win the heart of Jane, the hottest woman in his town. Patrick spent sometime studying Jane's behavior and figured out the items in her love map. Then he kept sending those signals indirectly to her subconscious mind until she fell in love with him.

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