Why your looks might not matter at all in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do looks really matter in relationships?

yes they do. Both men and women have preferred types that they want to be with. I am pretty sure you have seen one of your friends rejecting someone with the "not my type excuse".

But let me ask you another question, do all people get married to their preferred types?
The short answer is no. And no i am not talking about people who gave up their search or decided to settle for the sake of settling but i am talking about cases that happen everyday where looks are totally ignored without any dissatisfaction!

How can this be?
The answer is simple. We humans gather unconscious signals that help us know whether someone is suitable for us or not. Many of those unconscious signals lie in the face or in the looks of the people we meet. Now what if the same unconscious Signals we are looking for were sent in a different way?

Why your looks might not matter at all in relationships

The reason we want to be with people who have certain looks is that we unconsciously believe that those looks reflect the presence of some qualities that we can't live without. Now if you broadcasted those qualities in a different way and the subconscious mind of your target caught them then he will find you attractive even if you were not his Type!

This is Exactly what Patrick a guy with below average attractiveness did to capture the heart of the town's Diva Jane miller. Patrick decoded Jane's Mind, understood her love map perfectly and analyzed the important unconscious signals her mind was always looking for then he sent her those signals in a different way and so she fell for him!

See The full Story of Jane and Patrick here.

Its all about understanding your target perfectly

Here is a simple example. Most women want to feel safe and secure As a result they get attracted to tall men because they unconsciously assume that a tall man is more capable of protecting them. Now what if a shorter man broadcasted the same quality indirectly using a different method?

As you might have already guessed his height might be overlooked. The same goes for Nose shape, facial features and all of the other physical limitations people think that they can hold them back.

Once you understand someone's Code you can very easily manipulate his mind and let him fall for you no matter how you look like.

Do looks really matter? Can an unattractive person attract a very attractive one? Yes its quite possible and this is exactly what Jane's Code is all about. A revolutionary book that explains how love can be manipulated no matter who you are or how you look like.

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