What is a love map?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Love vs shopping

Remember the last time you went to buy a mobile phone?
Do you still remember the list of things you wanted your mobile phone to be able to do?
I personally wanted a phone that is durable, that has a long battery life, good looks and interesting games.

Most probably you had a list that is different than mine. After all, each person has different needs and he usually looks for items that can help him satisfy most of those needs.

So what does this has to do with love? Its the same exact thing!
Each one of us has developed a list of items that should be present in a person before we can like them. As you might have already guessed this list is based on our needs.

But there is a major difference in here between shopping for a mobile phone and choosing a love partner.
It's the fact that in the second case the list is unconscious and rarely brought into conscious awareness.

The unconscious love map

What is the difference between a conscious and an unconscious list?
Ever liked something without understanding why you liked it? for example do you remember the last time something really caught your attention in seconds without finding a logical explanation for that?

It's because the things that made you like that item weren't brought to your conscious awareness even though your subconscious mind noticed them. In such a case you also had needs that this item seemed like it can satisfy but your conscious mind was aware of those needs.

Here is an example that would make things clear. Generally people get attached to the ones who resemble their opposite sexed parent. For example, a woman might like a man who unconsciously reminds her of her father even if she consciously never noticed any similarities between them.

This is why so many people fall in love without understanding what's going on. It's because someone broadcasted certain signals that showed their subconscious minds that they can satisfy their very important needs.

Of course with proper education you can learn to unfold your love map and know exactly why you get attached to certain people and not others but unless you do so love will always be mysterious to you.

How is this love map formed?

Since our childhood we start acquiring new beliefs, developing certain needs and personality traits. Those factors combined shape our love maps and determine the kind of people we will fall for. The more intense a past experience is the more likely it will affect the love map.

If for example someone has been through a horrible experience with the opposite sex then most probably it will have a strong impact on their love map.

Manipulating the love map

If like most people you are unaware of the items in your love map then people can easily broadcast the right signals to your subconscious mind and make you fall for them.

This is exactly what Patrick ,a below average guy, did to attract Jane, the most beautiful woman in town. To see how Patrick did it check out my latest book Jane's Code.

Because the love map is unconscious you can easily send signals to the subconscious mind of your target and make it believe that you are the perfect match for the items in his love map. Though this is fully possible i strongly recommend you only follow that approach if you are really serious about being with someone.

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