Does love have anything to do with logic

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How love works?

Does love have anything to do with logic?
Can you fall for someone just because that person has the things you are logically looking for?

I am pretty sure you have seen many cases where someone kept describing their perfect mate only to fall in love with someone who is totally different. So does this mean that logic doesn't have any role in the process of falling in love?

The short answer is: it does have a great role but we are talking about unconscious logic here.
Matt was the only child raised by his parents. He got showered with attention and lived a great childhood. When he grew up and no longer found that attention present he turned into a showy person without understanding the reason.

In fact, his subconscious mind was just trying to help him relive the great life he was living before by making sure that he is always in the center of attention. This was his subconscious mind's logic which he wasn't consciously aware of.

Does love have anything to do with logic

When he became an adult Matt only liked blondes and exceptionally beautiful women. When he was asked about it he always said that its his taste but in fact it was just his subconscious mind making sure that he will still be getting more attention.

By making sure he will fall for a woman that catches people's attention Matt's subconscious mind can achieve the goal of repeating the happy past. Of course love is much more complicated in real life because usually so many factors come together and shape our love map but i just used one factor here to make the example simple to grasp.

So as you can see love is all about unconscious logic. If you managed to understand the items in your love map then you will know exactly why you get attracted to certain people and not others. People who fall in love with ones who are totally different than the ones they described earlier are those who don't know the items in their love map.

Can the love map be tweaked?

What if a woman understood that Matt needs attention and so showed him that he can get a lot of attention by being with her? Assuming that all other factors are constant then Matt might fall for that woman!

Of course this must be done on the unconscious level. In other words, the woman will send Matt indirect signals that his subconscious mind understands instead of directly addressing his conscious mind.

This is exactly what Jane's Code, my latest book, is all about. There was a guy who liked the hottest girl in town but because he wasn't attractive nor rich he had to first understand her love map then broadcast the signals that will let her subconscious mind fall for him. for more information about that check Jane's code page.

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