Can men and women ever just be friends

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How love happens

I said in many of my articles before that we get attracted to those who match the most important items in our love maps. The love map is the database formed as a result of all the experiences we have been through since we were born. If for example a guy has 20 items in his love map and found that a woman matches 12 of those items then he will find her attractive.

The intensity of attraction will depend upon the number of items matched. Of course all of those mechanisms happen on the unconscious level and this is why most people think that love is mysterious.

Now what if the same guy met a woman who only matches 2 of those items? will attraction ever happen?
No, it won't

Can men and women ever just be friends

If a man made friends with a woman who matches very few items in his love map then he will never develop emotions for her unless she tries to fool his subconscious mind (see the next section).

In other words friendship between men and women can never move to the next stage if they both didn't meet the important items in their respective love maps But there is a trick in here.

People get attached to the ones they see often. One study have found that the people we get familiar with tend to look more attractive to us than they really are. Because of those factors and many other ones some people might start to sacrifice some of the items in their love maps and get attached to the ones they see often. (see The mere exposure effect)

Of course no one will ever sacrifice 15 out of 20 items but in case mild attraction was present then friendship can turn it into more intense attraction as those people get closer to each other.

Can the subconscious mind be fooled?

Can someone fool the subconscious mind of another person by making him think that he matches all the items in his love map?

yes this is quite possible. In my latest book Jane's Code i provided a perfect example for love map manipulation where a guy who didn't match any item in a girl's love map managed to fool her subconscious mind and show her that he is the perfect mate.

In other words, friendship between men and women can be a bit dangerous for if one of them liked the other he can start luring him into a relationship even if he was initially not interested.

Do looks really matter? Can an unattractive person attract a very attractive one? Yes its quite possible and this is exactly what Jane's Code is all about. A revolutionary book that explains how love can be manipulated no matter who you are or how you look like.

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