Mere exposure effect psychology

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Mere exposure effect psychology

What is the Mere exposure effect?
According to psychology the more we get exposed to a stimuli the more we tend to like it.

The mere exposure effect is applicable for both people and objects. If you saw an object many times you will think that its more likable than another object you didn't get exposed to that much.

When you see a person more often you will think that he is more likable than a stranger or someone you see less often. so, What is the psychology of the mere exposure effect?

The mere exposure effect and the psychology of attraction

The reason we find people we see often more attractive is that familiarity creates likability. In my previous article the psychology of attraction and proximity i explained how people become more attracted to familiar people and objects than unfamiliar ones.

According to the mere exposure effect theory people who see you often will think that you are more attractive than the people they don't encounter often!!

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that most people fall in love with someone they see often and certainly the main reason behind that is the mere exposure effect.

The mere exposure effect psychology and advertisement

Advertisers are aware of this facts and that's why they depend on the psychology of the mere exposure effect to make you like their product even more.

Advertisers display their ads every now and then in order to make you become more familiar with their products and as you become familiar with the product you tend to like it. (see The psychology of selling)

People are more likely to try something they are familiar with than taking the risk of trying something they know nothing about. It feels more comfortable to go for a well known brand then to buy something that is unfamiliar.

The mere exposure effect psychology experiment

To demonstrate the psychology of the mere exposure effect An interesting experiment was done. Four pictures of four different people were brought to someone and he was asked to memorize their names.

Few moments later a large picture containing lots of people were shown to him and he was asked which four he liked the most. Most people picked the four people they saw earlier without noticing that they are the same ones.

That's everything you need to know about the mere exposure effect psychology.

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