The psychology of Selling

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of selling

I have been very successful in studying psychology and writing about it (getting more than 500,000 visits to my psychology website) and I have also managed to create a respectful monthly income by selling my products online.

Since I have both the selling side and the psychology side I believe I have very useful things to say about the psychology of selling. In this article will give you tips that can help you sell more and that are based on psychology.

How psychology can increase sales

  • We think of people first: If there is a wonderful restaurant beside your house that has a bad tempered owner then you are less likely to visit it. Our relationships with business owners highly influence our purchasing decisions. According to the psychology of selling a friendly store owner will surely have more sales than a non friendly one by a significant difference.
  • We don’t love places we love the experience: You don’t hate your job but you hate the stress you experience while doing it. You don’t love your friends but you love the emotions you experience while being with them. If you managed to create a good experience for people in your website, shop or restaurant then they will love it and come back again
  • People follow others blindly: Many psychology researchers has shown that people can make an incorrect decision, while knowing that its incorrect, just because they saw the majority choosing it. This is one main reason websites indicate their number of visitors, tweeter followers and number of fans. (See Social proof theory)
  • Colors selling psychology: According to selling psychology purple puts the people in the mood of buying and so a purple store or pitch page could bring more sales. Green lets people feel relaxed and so they spend more time in the place there are visiting, and of course more time equals more money
  • Selling psychology and smell: Lavender’s smell was found to make people spend more time in restaurants and so buy more items. Restaurants that used lavender’s smell found that sales increased by around 20%
  • Adding more is always a good idea: A research found that most of the items people buy aren’t on their shopping list. This means that asking people whether they want an additional fries or apple pie is a good idea because lots of them will tend to accept the offer
  • Repetition: In my book The ultimate guide to making money from the internet I said that when it comes to the psychology of selling repetition is the most powerful weapon because it programs people’s minds to buy products. That’s why you see the same ad many different each day in TV and other media

In short, psychology can help you get more customers, increase your sales and develop customer loyalty.

Confidence sells

The more confident you sound the more sales you will make. People trust confident ones because they believe that they know what they are talking about.

TV ads which claim that their products have superior quality usually sell more than other TV ads.

whenever you get a chance to interact with the customer display solid confidence and you will find that you are making more sales.

Farouk is not only holding several degrees in psychology but he is also an MBA holder, a stock market investor and an entrepreneur. The information you are reading now can dramatically increase your chance of increasing your wealth and becoming reach. If you have any doubts regarding these statements then read what other visitors say about book How I did it was written by Farouk and it explains how he managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny.

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