Psychology Of Selling, Marketing and advertising

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychology Of Selling, Marketing and advertising

In order to be able to write about the relationship between selling, marketing and psychology the writer should have more than adequate knowledge about all subjects. I don’t only hold a degree in psychology but I also studied MBA and CFA.

This allowed me to learn about both psychology and business and to be able to spot the connections between them. In this article, I am going to tell you about many of these connections and about the relationship between marketing, selling, advertising and psychology.

Buying a Product Just to Identify With it

In psychology, the term identifying with something means trying to be one with that thing. For example, when someone says I am the doctor instead of saying his name then he is actually identifying with his job because of believing that it makes him more worthy.

But the question is, why do people identify with other things?
The answer is simple, just to appear more worthy in front of others. People identify themselves with almost everything, jobs, careers, cars and even products.

And here is where the psychology of selling comes into action, if you were able to convince the person that your product is going to provide him with better status then he is going to buy it just to identify with it.

I have mentioned the star bucks’ example before; some people go to star bucks although they are not coffee fans just to give others the impression that they are rich. (Star bucks targets class A). So even if people don’t like your product they can still buy it just to impress others. ( for more information on this topic see the article psychological identity

The Customer’s Background and the psychology of selling

While it might be a bit hard to find this information still its worth finding because it can help you increase your sales dramatically. If you managed to know something about the customer's background then you can use this information in your marketing message to motivate him to buy more.

Suppose that you have discovered that you are dealing with a Type A personality, if you just told him that your product can save him 30 minutes everyday he will buy it immediately.

The logic behind this is simple; every customer has got his own needs that are based on his personality and background, if you were able to touch this need he will then buy the product. I am not asking you to look for another product to sell, I am just asking you to know all the points of strength of your product then tell your customer about the ones that fit his needs.

A person with a body image problem will definitely spend a portion of his money on anything that makes him look better, even if he is already pretty. Knowing such a fact About your customer may double your chance of selling your product to him.

The bottom line is people are different, some of them need security while others need peace of mind, some will be interested in buying your insurance policy while others will be interested in attending your stress reduction course. Just know who needs what and then sell it to him.

Psychology of Convincing and sales

I have written many separate articles about convincing people before but what I want to add is that people will believe you more if you were assertive even if your product was poor.

On the other hand if you were shaky but had a superior product they might not believe you. The more assertive you sound the easier will it be able to convince others.

Repetition and selling psychology

Why do you think television ads are repeated many times each day? Do you think they have the purpose of increasing the product's awareness?

Of course not, a fewer number of ads could do this job and the reason big firms spend money on advertising is because they know that repetition allows the suggestions to bypass the subconscious mind (for more information see how to program someone's mind)

I am not talking about the repetition that makes you hate this person who is trying to sell you his product but I am taking about the repetition that targets his subconscious mind.

For example, you should find more than three indirect ways to reopen the subject about your product without appearing to be trying to sell it. This article will help to control the other person’s thoughts and to lure him into talking about your product.

in my book How i did it i explained how the continues repetition of my book's names in the footers of my articles helped me give a strong push to the sales of my books.People become programmed as they see the footer message many times then end up wanting to check out the product.

Car Stickers psychology

Car stickers are one of the methods used for advertising and what some people don’t know is that people only put them on their cars if the design looks good or if it will help them gain more status.

A moderate looking car sticker of a product that is not that expensive will never be used and it is going to be thrown away.

Flyers psychology

What’s really funny about flyers is that people may refuse to take them if they noticed that you have one or two in your hand but if you approached them while holding a big number in your hand they may come and ask for it. This becomes more obvious when you give a few to some people and leave the others, at this point you will notice that they will come and ask you for it.

This happens because of our desire to posses things, if we felt that everyone was given something then we think that we should have it too. Curiosity also plays an important role, when people see a large number of anything being distributed they would become curious to know what it is.

The psychology of Words

The wording of advertisements alone can be used to hypnotize the reader by sending him direct suggestions to his subconscious mind. For example using phrases like “Buy now” or “click me” encourages the person to take that action.

If I asked you not to visualize a purple dog with a green tail, you will find that you have already visualized it as your subconscious mind ignores negative statements.

Avoid using negative phrases like “You will never find a similar product” because the subconscious mind filters out the negative parts and the final message that reaches your customer will be “You will find a similar product”

Read His Face

Face reading is the art that allows you to know people's personalities through their faces. People who have their eyes very close to their eye brows are fast decision makers so if you didn’t sell them your product quickly you may never see them again.

On the contrary, people who have a large distance between their eyes and eyebrows hate to be pressurized and need more time to put their decision into action, if this was your customer then make sure you give him enough time to think.

Learning face can certainly help you increase your sales.

Read his Body Language

2knowmyself is the only complete source of body language on the whole internet, if you have any doubts regarding this statement then make sure you take a look at the body language section.

In the body language section you will learn how to read the emotions of the person you are talking to just like reading a book. Suppose that your customer got offended as soon as he heard about your prices in this case you should tell him about the value he will get because talking about the prices any more will definitely result in losing the sale.

Final Words

To summarize this all I would say, know the needs of your customer on individual bases if possible, develop a product that meets his needs or even convince him that your current products can meet his needs.

Farouk is not only holding several degrees in psychology but he is also an MBA holder, a stock market investor and an entrepreneur. The information you are reading now can dramatically increase your chance of increasing your wealth and becoming rich. If you have any doubts regarding these statements then read what other visitors say about book How I did it was written by Farouk and it explains how he managed to make a website that generates thousands of dollars/month in less than 2 years without paying a penny.

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