How to make People fall in love with you by glancing at their Ipod

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How love happens

No this is not some kind of a catchy title to force you to arrive to this article but it's a very realistic one describing how can someone's Ipod reveal more than enough information about them so that you can attract them to you.

Let's quickly review the process of falling in love together. People keep building up unmet needs as they keep growing and those unmet needs determine how their love maps look like.

The love map is simply the list present in our subconscious minds that determines the people we will find attractive later on in life. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how you can make anyone fall in love with you by just learning to figure out their love maps.

Once you know someone's love map you can target the needs he is looking for directly and make that person fall in love with you.

But what does this have to do with the Ipod?

People listen to songs that resonate with their beliefs, confirm their thoughts and reflects their current emotions. In other words the song list on a person's IPOD isn't just a way to knowing his musical prefresnces but it's one of the keys that can help you understand a person's believes, values, needs and emotions. (see The psychology of music)

Vip note: The following analysis i am going to make is extremely simplified not to make the article long. In real life the analysis should be much more complex should be based on a full list not 3 songs.

Lets suppose that a woman had three songs (for simplicity) on her Ipod. One about betrayal, One about love and one about loneliness. You should first listen to the songs carefully and find out what the lyrics are trying to say. In our case that woman was listening to a song that described the horrible feelings a person can experience when someone betrays him.

Even though the song doesn't talk about love it's a clear indication that this woman suffered from a similar issue and that she might not easily be able to trust new people. This finding can also mean that this woman would be turned away by people who seem not loyal or not trust worthy. Listening to a song about love could mean that she is actively pursing a relationship even if she said otherwise.(see Do people really mean what they say)

The song about loneliness also confirms the fact that this woman wants to get into a relationship fast. Note that you must look for confirmation from other songs or from the woman's behavior before you can make sure you are right. The sample i used here had only 3 thongs and of course that's not enough to make conclusions about someone.

How to make that woman love you?

Based on those simple conclusions here is the plan you need to make that woman love you:

  • 1) She is needy: She is needy and needs to be showered with attention.
  • 2) Try to seem trustworthy: When she finds that you are trustworthy she might get attracted to you
  • 3) Appear more often: When she finds you are helping her get over loneliness she will like you more

as you can see we came up with a quick plan based on just 3 sample songs. Imagine what you could do with proper understanding of psychology and full song list?

Do looks really matter? Can an unattractive person attract a very attractive one? Yes its quite possible and this is exactly what Jane's Code is all about. A revolutionary book that explains how love can be manipulated no matter who you are or how you look like.

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