How to persuade people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to persuade people

Most people do the same mistake when trying to persuade people to do something or when trying to convince them to believe in something. This mistake is presenting all the arguments that they have with disregard to how the other person thinks about these arguments.

If you want to persuade people successfully then you should forget about all what you want to say and first make a map of the opposing arguments they have in their minds so that you can tackle them one by one, this article will show you how to do it.

Why aren’t you convinced??

1) X: Hey Y, what about going to the gym today?
2) Y: Am afraid I can’t, I have got to study for at least 2 hours today
3) X: why don’t you study right after the gym? , we will finish at 5 Pm, you will still have time, i can study with you too
4) Y: Well, my back hurts a little
5) X: But gym is the best cure for back pain, you will feel great right after we finish
6) Y: but my car is out of fuel and I don’t have money
7) X: I will pass by you now, get ready in 10 minutes
Y: okk!!

So lets examine what happened here, Y didn’t want to go to the gym because of three main problems and the biggest one was being afraid to miss studying.

As you can see people can’t be persuaded easily because they usually have many reasons that holds them back and not just one.

Persuading people is very simple, you just need to go through these opposing reasons one by one and as soon as the person runs out of opposing reasons you can then start using subconscious mind programming to program him to do what you want.

You will know that you have successfully got over the first opposing argument when the person moves on to the second one without returning back to the first. As you see X didn’t try to convince Y to go to the gym by telling him how great the Gym is, instead he knew the reasons that are preventing Y from going and dealt with them one by one.

Subconscious mind programming

After the person runs out of arguments you can then move to a very powerful technique which is subconscious mind programming. Start listing the benefits of doing what you want, believe in these benefits, be assertive while talking and keep repeating them as much as you can.

Subconscious mind programming could work from the beginning but it will be much more effective in persuasion if you first managed to deal with all the arguments that someone has. When someone runs out of arguments he starts to become more receptive to the words you say to him and so persuasion becomes much easier.

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