How to Stop Excessive Blushing

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What causes facial blushing?

Everyone knows that it’s the accumulation of blood in the facial area that causes blushing; however, knowing this piece of information alone will never help you to stop blushing not because it is incorrect but because it’s not the root cause.

Suppose you wanted to stop sneezing, will blocking your nose completely be the solution? No it wont because sneezing is a symptom to the cold you have, which is the thing that you must deal with.

The same goes for blushing; blushing itself is a symptom. If you were to deal with the underlying cause you will easily get rid of excessive blushing.

The root cause of blushing may be embarrassment, self consciousness or social phobia.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that It’s your pattern of thinking that makes you blush and not your physiological changes, if you were to alter this pattern of thinking you will be able to prevent blushing.

In some rare cases, blushing can be triggered without an apparent change in emotions, this happens to certain people and it may be caused by over activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Fear of blushing causes blushing

Erythrophobia - which is the fear of blushing and redness, can cause a self reinforcing cycle of blushing & fear. After all, it’s the release of adrenaline that causes the capillaries bellow your skin to widen leading to blushing.

The more you become afraid the more your body will release adrenaline and the more you will blush. This brings us to the same conclusion; it’s the underlying emotions that you have to deal with in order to stop blushing and not the blushing itself.

How to stop blushing

Learn how to deal with embarrassment, learn how to overcome your fears and deal with your shyness. By doing so, you will be dealing with the root cause of blushing. Even if you weren’t able to stop blushing completely, you will at least prevent excessive blushing and become much more in control when facing social situations.

Avoiding the social situations that lead to blushing is the worse thing you can do. Most fears grow when you avoid them so instead of experiencing less blushing in your life you will experience more severe blushing the next time you face an unexpected situation.

Dealing with blushing or any other problem that results from fear requires direct confrontation. Face the blushing problem and don't run from it if you want to end it.

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