Hypnotizing people using the Zeigarnik effect

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Zeigarnik effect

The 'Zeigarnik Effect' is a term that explains the fact that people remember uncompleted tasks more than completed ones. This is very logical because your subconscious mind needs to constantly remind you of the things that you didn’t complete or of the problems that weren’t solved so that you take actions.

On the other hand, completed tasks have less importance as they were already completed; they are no longer of a burden and that’s why the subconscious mind doesn’t bother much to remind you of them.

Hypnotizing people using the Zeigarnik effect

The main concept that hypnosis depends upon is keeping the conscious mind of the person you want to hypnotize busy in order to directly program his subconscious mind.

One of the ways that can help you make someone’s conscious mind busy is the zeigarnik effect. All you have to do is to tell the person an incomplete story then move on to another one.

The conscious mind of that person will then start thinking about the incomplete story, the same way he thinks of an unsolved problem. One story is not enough to keep the conscious mind of a person busy but few stories will do. Keep telling the person incomplete stories so that you keep his conscious mind busy trying to figure out what’s happening.

After you make sure that he is confused you should then send your hypnotic suggestions to him and they will be directly delivered to his subconscious mind.

Milton & Meta

The Milton and Meta languages are NLP tools that can help you in confusing someone’s conscious mind and so making it easier for you to program him.

Using these tools; in addition to the Zeigarnik effect you would have the utmost chance of hypnotizing people.

Please only use hypnosis to help others who are in need or to solve someone’s problems and never use it otherwise.

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