I am afraid of the future

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am afraid of the future

I am afraid of the future
I don’t know what will happen tomorrow
I am afraid to lose the things that I have or fail to get the things that I want

Even though we might not be saying these phrases directly but we sometimes feel every word of them. How many times have you worried about your future or felt afraid of it?

Just like any other emotion, fear is just a message that your mind is sending you in order to motivate you to take a certain action. If you responded to the message quickly it will disappear but if you didn’t its intensity will increase until it will become unbearable. (see Why do we feel bad)

Why do we fear the future

Suppose that you were on your way to meet two close friends. Will you feel anxious or afraid of the meeting? Of course you won’t but what if you were going to deliver a presentation in front of 100 persons that you don’t know, won’t you be afraid?

Yes you will only be afraid if you have doubts about your ability to handle the presentation. We fear the future when we have doubts about our ability to handle future events.

In the first instance this might look like something that is out of our hands but on careful observation you will find that we fear the future because we ignore getting prepared on intention.

For example if you are afraid not to find a job then this means that you feel that you are not that prepared for the job market. In order to kill that fear you must take actions that help you become reassured that you are well prepared (like taking additional courses, learning new skills, writing a good CV....etc)

Why do our fears of the future grow

The main reason people remain afraid of the future is that they never dare to respond to their fears by taking actions but instead they ignore the warnings and try to forget about them.

As long as you ignore the sources of your fears your subconscious mind will let them grow in order to draw your attention to them once again.

You don’t need a miracle to get rid of the fear of the future but you just need to:

  • Listen to the messages and understand them: Once you start listening to your subconscious mind you will understand its concerns and you will have a clue about the actions you should take in order to kill the fears
  • Listening is not enough: Some people listen well but do nothing about the things they listen to. It’s the same as sitting with a friend every few days who reminds you of your fears then leave without helping you. Listening is only one part of the solution but the complete salvation lies in taking actions right after you listen to the problem
  • Beware of self deception : Some people try to find an excuse for not taking actions by deceiving themselves. The popular examples of self deception are claiming that you don’t have time, that you are happy with what you have while you are not or by trying to convince yourself that you are helpless in order to escape the responsibility!!

Getting rid of the fear of the future is no rocket science, become brave enough to listen to your fears then take powerful actions to reassure yourself that you can handle them.

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