A guide to telekinesis (Moving Objects using your mind)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Telekinesis? Huh?

Everyone was eating quietly at that small restaurant near Adam’s house then suddenly someone’s spoon dropped on the floor few centimeters away from him and rested in such a position that he would have to leave his chair in order to be able to reach it.

Adam was watching the man closely when suddenly the man started to focus his sight on the spoon then the spoon moved back to his hand without leaving his chair nor bending his back to get it!!!

Adam was amazed!!
Do you know why was he amazed? Because he knew nothing about Telekinesis!!

What is Telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to move or bend objects without physical contact. Some people think that the magnetic waves coming out of the brain can move objects or even bend them.

Some people were very skeptic when it came to discussing the existence of Telekinesis however although I don’t have a clue I personally believe that Telekinesis is just like any of our buried abilities that we have lost because of lack of training.

What can you Do with Telekinesis

You can bend and move small objects likes pencils, spoons, keys …etc and if you managed to develop your skill to a higher level you could even move big objects like chairs, tables or push people.

How to develop Telekinesis

Every One who has practiced Telekinesis successfully gave the following advice:

  • Believing that its true: False beliefs are a well known obstacle to achieving anything. If you think that you cant play soccer then this will be reflected in your performance and you wont perform well. the first step to develop a skill is to believe that you can do it
  • Learning how to concentrate: Telekinesis requires a very high level of concentration, you cant move an object with your thoughts when your mind is full of other ideas, stress and worries. By learning how to be focused and by mastering your thoughts you will be getting a step closer to developing Telekinesis. Learning how to relax is also a good idea.
  • Enhancing your brain functions: we use only a small portion of our brains. if we were able to fully utilize our brains we will definitely discover many of our hidden abilities.

Steps for Doing a Telekinesis Experiment

Here are the steps required in order to test or to develop your Telekinesis ability:

  • Step One: Focus on the object for about 10 minutes until you feel it’s a part of you

  • Step Two: Visualizing the change you want to do to the object whether its bending it or moving it
  • Step Three: Trying to move the object is the final step, you should never use force because it will not work

How much Time do I need in order to develop Telekinesis?

Developing the Telekinesis skill will depend on your starting point. some people take weeks, others take months while others take years.

Being patient and believing that you can do it is the key. A helpful tip that can help you develop Telekinesis faster is trying to bend small objects or objects that require a very little amount of energy. (for example bending a paper instead of starting with big objects like chairs)

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