An introduction to Mental telepathy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Mental Telepathy

Have you experienced the situation where you thought of someone then suddenly found him calling you?
Have you ever felt worried about someone then suddenly got a phone call stating that he made an accident?
Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen since years then suddenly met him?

What is that all about? It’s what’s we call telepathy.

What is Telepathy?

The word telepathy came from the two Greek words “tele” and “apathe” where the first means distant or far and the second’s means feeling.

Telepathy is thought to be a from of communications between minds. When a person thinks about something or about someone else and the other person receives this thought we can call this mental telepathy.

Does it Really Exist?

People were divided into groups when it came to defining telepathy. The first group denied its existence while the other group believed in it.

Some successful experiments were even done to prove that telepathy exits but the other group questioned the methodology used in these experiments. Personally I believe in telepathy and the proof I hold are situations like the ones mentioned at the top of this article where some of us may have experienced mental telepathy.

Why isn’t Telepathy so Popular?

When God created this ultimate creature called the human being he gave him tremendous powers but these powers were lost because of lack of practice. For example, your mind can make very complex calculations without using a calculator but the reason you now run to a calculator when you want to know the product of something as simple as 57 x 18 is the lack of practice.

Technology have taught us how to be lazy. Why would we bother multiplying 57x20 to get 1140 then subtract 57*2 to get 1026 (which is the product of 57*18) when we can just use the calculator? The more we use technology the more we bury some of our abilities like telepathy.

Do some People have better Telepathic Abilities than others?

Yes, guess who? Over sensitive people!! Over sensitive people have high empathy which is something that helps much in the process of telepathy.

If you are an emotionally sensitive person then telepathy would be a little easier for you to learn than if you were not a sensitive person.

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