emotional sensitivity and empathy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

what is an empathic ability?

since thoughts are no more than chemical reactions taking place at the brain and since all chemicals reactions generate outputs the output of your thoughts is energy that travels through the molecules of the air and reach the outside world.

Because of that your thoughts can reach the people around you and that's why sometimes you get depressed when sitting with a depressed person or become happy when you accompany a happy person.

That's also why you can sometimes sense someone's feelings without using verbal or nonverbal communications. This ability is called empathy.

Whats good about empathy?

the good part here is that the person who is emotionally sensitive has an ability to sense the feelings of others much more than the ability of other people.

Sometimes an overly sensitive person can feel down without knowing why. The reason may be that his high sensing abilities sensed the feelings of another person and so it appeared to him as if the bad feelings came from within.

When sensing what others feel you will find that your mood changes according to the mood of other people and that's why you should distinguish your feelings from the feelings of others in order not to catch a bad mood.

that's the same reason why small children catch the emotions of their parents. If parents were depressed, stressed or insecure then these feelings go directly to their children and create an unpleasant atmosphere at their homes.

watch your feelings!!

being an overly sensitive person requires that you pay attention to your emotions and mood in order to know whether they are yours or whether you are experiencing them because of your high empathy.

Know that your communication skills can be better than that of a non sensitive person because of your high empathic abilities.

knowing what others feel can allow you to deal with them in a better way. This is an advantage that you have over other people. So after all your sensitivity is not bad but its even useful!!

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