Shielding and Empathy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is shielding?

Shielding is the method you can use to protect yourself from experiencing unwanted emotions that are transferred to you from others. In my last article about empathy I pointed out how you can feel bad by just sitting near someone who feels bad.

If you were to find a method to shield yourself from these emotions you will only feel down when you are really down and not because someone beside you is not in the mood and guess what, this method is shielding.

Shielding Technique

Do you know why do you see strange symbols in your dreams? Its Because your subconscious mind works by using symbols and images and that's why we are going to use symbols when communicating with it.

If You want to tell your subconscious mind to stop receiving bad feelings that others send then you must decode this message into a symbol that your subconscious mind can understand.

by visualizing an imaginary shield surrounding your body your subconscious mind is likely to start preventing these emotions from being received. Do you know why this works?

It's Because your subconscious mind treats these images as commands sent to it and so it will start to act based on these images you are sending as if they were orders.

Visualizations make wonders because the subconscious mind sets a new goal whenever you present it with an image. For example right before you feel like wanting to eat a delicious cake most probably you will discover that you have visualized it first. The image of the cake was treated by the subconscious mind as if its an order and that's why you became motivated to eat the cake. (see subconscious mind rules)

Shielding effect

Some people start to feel better as soon as they start visualizing that shield and usually this happens because they were loaded with many emotions that they were not responsible for.

Emotionally sensitive people are the ones who experience these unwanted emotions the most because of their high empathic abilities.

Whenever you feel down without finding a real reason try to visualize that shield and see if these emotions belong to you or whether they are just emotions coming from other people.

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