Managing change effectively. Strategies for managing change

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Managing change effectively. Strategies for managing change

An experiment was done by some researches to find how frogs respond to a change in the temperature of their external environment. A frog was placed in a boiling water and as soon as it sensed the hot temperature it jumped out of the water.

The frog sensed the heat and so it jumped out of the water not to damage its body. The researches then brought the same frog and placed it in cold water then the water was heated gradually. Few minutes later the water started to boil and the frog died!!!

When the change happened gradually the frog got used to it until it reached a point where its body couldn't tolerate it. You might be asking yourself what does this has to do with personal development?

Actually this is directly related to the way we get used to changes in our environment. after reading this article you will learn how to manage change effectively.

Do you know how to manage change?

When gradual changes happen in our external environment we tend to get used to them and so we don’t realize that a change is actually happening.

How many times have you found that your life became intolerable all of a sudden? How many times have you felt that you are not satisfied with your life or that you are facing endless problems?

These feelings usually come when you discover that the water you are in is boiling. Because you didn’t take actions for a long period of time and because you kept delaying your duties things started to get worse. Because the change was happening gradually you didn’t notice it until it became intolerable.

The following are examples of gradual changes that people usually don’t notice until its too late:

  • Changes in habits: Starting a new bad habit and getting used to it gradually
  • Changes in net worth: Buying lots of things on credit and then then suffering from dept problems later on
  • Changes in life problems: Accumulating small problems and ending up depressed later
  • Changes in health: Wasting your health bit by bit then finding yourself at the hospital later
  • Change in your body shape: Eating unhealthy food then few months later you find yourself suffering from obesity

Learn how to manage change

Keeping on open eye on the gradual changes that happen to you can prevent you from waking up one day then finding yourself in a mess. Even if the change that is happening seemed to be small it should never be ignored because as the time passes these small changes are going to pile up until they become so powerful.

Don’t be a frog!! Even if you cant solve a small problem that you are facing at least keep an eye on it so that when it grows you don’t become surprised.

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