An introduction to Meditation and Meditation Benefits

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is meditation?

In an era where the stressful events outnumber the events that brings peace of mind everyone finds himself falling a prey to his negative thoughts. Whether you are thinking an upcoming job interview or whether you are worried about your kids, the result will be the same, You will find yourself lacking peace of mind and in need of relaxation.

Meditation is a state of relaxed concentration where you focus your thoughts on some kind of an object like a candle or a flower. you can also focus on your awareness itself (focusing on your breathing rate or on the movement of your belly during breathing).

During meditation your aim would be clearing your mind of these flying thoughts and thus reach a clear state of mind. Its so normal that you find thoughts jumping in your mind every now and then while meditating. Just observe the thought without getting involved with it emotionally. Watch it while being detached from it and let it go.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation have got lots and lots of benefits. below is a list of some of the most important benefits of mediation:

  • Reducing Stress: stress usually results from thinking about more than one thing in the same time. When you clear your mind using mediation you will be able to reduce or even eliminate your stress
  • Getting more self understanding: meditation will make you more connected with your inner self and so you will get more self understanding
  • Increasing Patience: meditation will make you more patient
  • Increases concentration: mediation can increase your ability to concentrate and also improve your memory
  • Stabilizes your blood flow meditation stabilizes your blood flow ,helps in reducing muscle tension ,improves your immunity and improves your over all health

What should you do while meditating?

During meditation you should be relaxed and focused on the object you have chosen. Whenever a new thought jumps to your mind you should just observe it with detachment.

You should turn into an observer instead of a thinker. when you reach a clear state of mind while being one hundred percent focused on your object then you are meditating.

Is meditation safe?

Meditation is 100% safe and there is nothing you should worry about. Meditation is nothing more than relaxed state of mind that allows you to free the pressures you get subjected to.

Do you know what's the real unsafe thing?
Its allowing yourself to accumulate stress, negative energy and bad emotions then preventing yourself from doing activities that can help you recover.

The way you have to breath during meditation is similar to the way you have to use when doing relaxation techniques. The deep breath, which you usually avoid for long periods of time, can reduce the amount of stress in your body and mind by as much as 50%.

Start meditating today to improve your mental and physical health.

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