Dealing with hard times

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dealing with hard times

When life gives us a hard time we usually wish that such times never have happened. We experience the pain that results from the bad events and then wish that something else would have happened to us other than what's happening.

No one likes to suffer, to feel insecure or incapable but if we looked at hard times from a different point of view we would find that they provide the perfect opportunity for us to unleash our real potential which would never been reached otherwise.

The basic step in dealing with hard times is to realize that some of them are real opportunities.

Bad times are opportunities

Insecurity feels horrible but it’s the only drive that can make you strive for security. Fear spoils our life but it’s the only feeling that can motivate someone to learn how to be brave.

When you feel really bad then you can either give in to the snow ball effect of your negative thoughts or you can either use these bad feelings as a motive to move towards a better life.

We human beings are either motivated by rewards or pain avoidance and so pain can be one of the main drives for change. When your mind sends you bad feelings then this doesn’t mean that its trying to disturb you or bother you but it actually means that its sending you such feelings to tell you that if you remained in the same place these feelings will remain with you!! (see Its calling you).

Its as if you mind is using these horrible feelings to push you towards being a stronger and a better person. Some people get the message while others keep blaming their luck, the unfairness of life or even God.

However there is one very important fact that you must put into consideration, if you lack the necessary life skills then you might not be able to deal with the problems and so end up depressed. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how depression can be the result of the lack of coping abilities.

Life problems doesn't cause depression but its the inability to cope with life problems that can lead to depression so make sure you learn all the life skills you can learn.

Bad times and self confidence

Just like I said before, the more you prove to yourself that you are capable of reaching your life goals the more confident you will become.(see Building self confidence).

This hard time you are facing now might be the only chance you will get to prove to yourself that you are resilient. Those horrible feelings you are experiencing as the result of the rejection you got might be your only chance to prove to yourself that you can became emotionally strong.

Bad times are opportunities that can help you provide clues to your subconscious mind about the new abilities and skills you have developed. Make use of bad times wisely and you will raise your self confidence with each big problem you face.

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