Mid life crisis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Mid life crisis

I am not going to talk about the theories that try to explain mid life crisis nor I am going to take any side in the argument about its existence but instead I am going to talk about these sad feelings you get when you reach your mid thirties.

I am going to talk about the feelings of being lost you experience when you find yourself at the age of forty and not knowing yet your role in life. I will talk about this shock you may experience when you find yourself aging or when you find that you are no longer a young person. Call it mid age crisis, call it mid life crisis or give it whatever name you want, what we care about is how to deal with these feelings.

Loss, regret and depression

These combined feelings of loss, regret and depression represents what some people feel at this stage of their lives. They may be regretting what they weren’t able to achieve in their lives or they may be feeling lost because they don’t know what should they achieve. In both cases the result will be depression. Time is passing, they feel lost and moreover they discovered that they are not immortal.

What could be the cause for mid life crisis?

Lots of things could unite together then cause such feelings of sadness and depression at mid life. An identity crisis could be one of the causes of making someone feel lost at such an age. An unmet goal or a dream that wasn’t fulfilled is very likely to induce some feelings of regret when the person grows old.

In addition to these factors, a lack of life purpose could make the person unable to accept the fact that he is going to die one day. After all, no one wants to die and no one wants to be forgotten. The more the person feels that he lived for no reason the more he is likely to feel that he is going to vanish one day.

So if a person didn’t knew what he was supposed to live for he will feel lost and if he had a life purpose but didn’t reach his goals then he will feel depressed. The past choices that he made are what’s likely to bring him the feelings of regret if he is unsatisfied with his life now.

How to deal with mid life crisis?

Whether you are young or whether you are at your late fifties there is always a chance for a new beginning. If you are young then you have the chance of taking serious actions so that you can prevent yourself from experiencing the mid life crisis and if you are an older person you can still start all over. The first thing you should do is finding your life purpose. This will lead you to setting some goals and these goals in turn are what can bring satisfaction back to your life. I know that it may not be as easy as it sounds but everything can change if you are really serious about a change.

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