Openness and honesty in relationships

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The difference between openness and honesty

Some people mistakenly confuse openness with honesty thinking that they are the same thing while in fact they are completely different things.

Honesty is the act of saying the truth whenever you are asked for it while openness is the habit of saying the truth without even being asked for it.

openness and honesty in relationships

In relationships, some people hide small details from their partners just because they didn’t ask about them or because they think that they might not be important to them.

Those people think that they are honest and that they are doing nothing wrong but the problem that happens is that they usually ruin their relationships without noticing.

Lack of openness might be the seed that grows to become a forest of problems that grows inside a relationship. Here is why openness is very important in relationships:

  • When partners hide information from each other intimacy is lost
  • When partners hide information from each other the bond between them becomes weaker
  • When partners hide information from each other people can use such information against them
  • When someone discovers that the other person is hiding something he usually feels hurt
  • If one of them faced a problem because of not being informed about some details his partner knew about earlier then he will accuse his partner of hiding information

How to maintain openness in your relationship?

In my book The ultimate guide to maintaining a healthy relationship i described how can openness strengthen the bond between you and your partner and thus prevent outsiders from influencing your relationship.

maintaining openness is so simple, just tell your partner about all of your feeling and about all of the things that happen to you even if you think that it might not be important for him to know them.

It might be hard at the beginning but as the time passes you will discover the beauty of openness and the tremendous benefits that your relationship will gain.

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