The infj personality traits according to MBTI

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The INFJ personality type according to MBTI

The word INFJ stands for Introvert intuitive feeling Judging. The INFJ is an introvert who prefers to recharge his energy on his own rather than recharging it while being around people.

The INFJ collects information based upon his intuition then takes actions based on feelings and how the action fits into his value system. Here are the common INFJ personality traits.

INFJ personality traits

  • The INFJ collects information via intuition and then uses his feelings to act upon them
  • the INFJ follows his intuition for reasoning and gives less weight to logic and facts
  • The INFJ may have few friends and may not tell others about his feelings unless someone is really close to him. suppressing emotions that way might lead to depression see Type D personality for more information
  • The INFJ may be an over sensitive person who gets hurt easily
  • The INFJ might turn into a perfectionist who tries to do everything perfectly and this usually harms his self esteem
  • The INFJ will avoid tasks that involve complex details unless he is obligated to do them
  • the INFJ is a creative and artistic person

Careers that suits the INFJ

Because the INFJ prefers to be alone and because he is highly creative the following jobs perfectly matches his personality:

  • Artistic job
  • Actor
  • coach
  • Psychologists
  • Photographer

INFJ personality type and relationships

Because INFJs are perfectionist they do their best to succeed in their relationships. Their lack of interest about details makes it much more comfortable for others to deal with them.

INFJs are warm people who are caring and loving and who make good relationship partners.

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