How to be Successful in life, How to teach yourself Anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I Don’t know how to Do it

One of the most important skills you should posses if you want to succeed in life is the ability to teach yourself anything.

Life in the 21st century is far different than it used to be in the early times. Nowadays if you don’t posses some skills you can easily get swept by others who know more than you or who can do more than you could do.

You may lose a job interview because you a miss a certain skill, you may lose an important piece of information because you don’t understand the language its written in, you may be left behind because you don’t know how to use computers or you may fail to succeed just because you miss the required social or professional skill.

The False beliefs about self learning

Over the time many of us have built very strong false beliefs about our ability to self learn, these beliefs are as follows:

  • There are things that I cant learn on my own, I need someone to explain it to me
  • If I didn’t understand something from the first time then its hard
  • I need to take a course or attend a session in order to acquire a new skill

These false beliefs will keep you away from learning hundreds of things that you could have learned on your own without much effort. This is the time where you should challenge these beliefs and test whether they are true or not instead of being swept out by others who are more skilled than you.

How to Teach Yourself Anything

Lets first deal with the false beliefs about self learning. First of all your mind will make no much difference between receiving instructions from a real person and between receiving them from a text or an article that you are reading because after all it’s the same thing.

Imagine that the article or the book you are reading represent someone speaking to you using written words.

Secondly, know that in most of the cases you may not be able to understand what you read from the first attempt. For example you could read an introduction to NLP and only get 30% of what you read.

What most people is that they run to take a course thinking that they cant get more than this 30% but this is totally wrong. Of they just managed to read that thing again they will get a 60% understanding. Then on the third attempt they will get an 80% understanding and so on. So giving up so early can prevent you from teaching yourself anything.

I don’t know how to Start

The most famous obstacle that faces people who try to teach themselves anything is thinking that they should have a starting point in order to begin from but again this is a false belief. The following are the steps you should do in order to learn any complex thing without knowing where or how to start.

Step 1: suppose you wanted to learn how to code computer programs, the first step you should do is Google that same phrase, “how to code computer programs” then read the first 10 ten pages of the results. After finishing them you will find that you knew what is a programming language and what are the famous programming languages.

Step 2: the second step would be searching for this specific programming language for example Google “visual basic”

Step 3: for each article you read about visual basic you may only understand 10 or 20% of the article but within few days of reading you will discover that you have acquired new terms such as compiler, debugger and Microsoft visual studio which will make understanding further articles easier.

Step 4: so as you can see with each step your search becomes more specific and you understand a little bit more of the article than in the previous steps

Step 5: after few weeks you may find yourself searching for the following key phrase “preventing my program from crashing using the visual basic error codes”

So as you can see you started from nowhere and became a professional!! Don’t bother if you read something and understood only 3 or 4 % of it,just know that in the next article this percentage is going to grow exponentially.

Success and Self learning

If you want to succeed then you should be a joker, you should be able to fit anywhere and you should be prepared to learn new skills because at some points in your journey to success you will find yourself forced to do so or else your road will be blocked.

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