I am Not in the Mood to Start

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am not in the Mood to Start

Joe was preparing for the final exams. He had 7 days left, at the first day he didn’t feel like studying so he decided to delay it till the next day. At the second day an unexpected event happened and so he felt irritated and not in the mood to start. At the third day he had a fight with his friend and so he was not in the mood to start, at the fourth day he was not in the mood because the exams were about to come!! At the fifth day he was feeling really bad but he had to start studying because there was no more time left.

Joe didn't just delay his studying but he also studied while feeling really bad. Don't you think that studying at the first day would have been better for him?

Do you Do the Same Thing?

How many times have you done this?

Some people wait for the mood in order to start working on their plans or their studies, however the problem with this way of thinking is that being in the mood is something that is totally out of control.

You can be out of mood for few days or even weeks. should you delay all of your plans until you feel like it? As you can see from the previous story waiting until you become in the mood is only a waste of time and you may end up feeling worse.

Success Requires a Tough Person

If you are serious about success then you should learn how to be tough and tough in the personal development world is nothing more than being persistent and disciplined.

Train yourself to study or to work even if you are feeling tired, bored, fed up or not in the mood. By time you will discover that have turned like a machine and that the bad feelings you are experiencing cannot affect your plans or slow down your progress.

Your way of thinking and your subconscious mind

As soon as you decide to start on a task even if you were feeling bad your subconscious mind will help you by putting you in the mood. On the other hand if you decided that you wont begin before you feel like starting then your subconscious mind will make these feelings more intense and you wont feel like starting.

Even if you are feeling bad just go ahead and start working, this will send a signal to your subconscious mind that you are going to complete your work no matter what and as a result it will cooperate with you.

The same goes for believing that you don't have enough resources in order to start. If you believed that you lack the required resources then your subconscious mind will only let you see the limitations while if you decided to start anyway then your subconscious mind will let you see the possibilities instead.

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