Success and Personality Requirments

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Success Requires a Special type of person

Success is much more than just a word. success Is the fulfillment of your dreams, achievement of goals and the road that leads to happiness.

Success is not something than can come in a month or two. Because its so precious it requires tremendous amount of effort and hard work. But sometimes you may find that although you are doing your best still you quit midway, lose hope or get disappointed.

All of these can happen to you if you do not posses some personality traits that successful people have. Since success is something special only the special person can reach it, but don’t worry, these traits are behavioral traits that you can learn even if your current behaviour was way far from them.

Personality and Success

Only the strong can get through to the end of the road to success, this road is full of rejection, disappointment, pain, regret, sacrifices, failure and even depression.

In order to survive to the end you must be someone who smiles in the face of failure, failure should be considered a normal life event, you should not panic or cry when you fail but you should just smile and then continue moving.

Rejection should be your close friend, you may get rejected by friends, your boss, people or even by the whole world. People may go against you even if you were right and they were wrong. There is no rule for rejection, yes you may succeed without getting rejected but if you got rejected you should also smile and then continue moving.

Disappointment should be your other friend, especially if you were ambitious, disappointment visits ambitious people more than it visits others. Success needs a type of person who can get over that disappointment , rearrange his troops, takes counter actions, changes his strategy and then keep moving.

In addition a successful person is the one who carries the responsibility. A successful person never says that he failed because of luck, circumstances,fate or anything but instead he believes that he is in control of his own fate.

Because a successful person holds such a belief he finds himself motivated to try again. After all one of the main reasons people lose hope is that they believe that things are out of their hands.

A success person also believes in himself and in his ability to make his dreams come true and this is the other source of motivation that he uses to keep moving forward.

Final Words

To put it in few words, Success requires someone who smiles in the face of unwanted emotions, someone who considers them normal life events and not unexpected catastrophes.

Success requires someone who considers these unwanted emotions and events a signal to reform and to change his strategy instead of considering them an excuse to say “I tried hard but I did not succeed”.

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