The Road to Success

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The Road to Success

If you are ambitious and if you have big dreams and goals that you have not yet achieved then most probably you have discovered that there are much more difficulties in the road to success than you the ones you expected to find.

You might have found that the the pain you went through was intolerable and that life became more bitter than it was before. If this is happening to you then you don't need to worry. You just need to know more about the nature of the path you are taking so that you dont be surprised by what you are going to encounter on your way to success.

We Usually Begin Our Journey as Optimists

Before we start to fight for our goals we usually think in a very optimistic way. This is because we haven’t faced any obstacles yet nor built any false beliefs about success.

Usually that optimism is what gives us the required energy to start moving towards our goals. The problem is that this energy is usually lost when any unexpected event happens and so we may lose our motivation or even get depressed then stop trying. If you want to successfully continue the journey to the end then you must be aware of the price that you are going to pay in order to reach it.

The Price of Success

The successful people that you see everywhere weren’t born that way. You may think that those people never suffered but the truth is that no one gets there until he makes his way through many obstacles. Whoever manages to overcome those obstacles will succeed in realizing his dreams. Here are Examples of those obstacles:

  • Rejection: Most of the people who succeeded were rejected many times before they have arrived to the place they are in now. If you want to succeed then be prepared for rejection. It's pointless to feel bad if you were rejected because in a non-perfect world good ideas can easily be rejected.
  • Disappointment: People with great ambition are the ones who are most likely to be disappointed during their journey to success. If you are ambitious you may be expecting more than you are going to get and so become disappointed. You should not let disappointment bother you, it's just another thing you may see on your way to success.
  • Depression: Although I hope you don't experience this on your way to success still in many cases people get depressed because they are strong. If you got depressed midway then don’t worry, just make sure to deal with it then move on.
  • Stress: You can't succeed without facing stress. If you want to achieve your goals you must face some stress throughout your journey. Learn how to manage your stress and keep going.
  • And Much More: Anger, pain, sadness and grief. All the bad feelings you can imagine can be encountered on your way to success.

Why Are You Telling Me All This?

I am not telling you this to discourage you or to make you feel bad but I am telling you this so that you prepare yourself for the things you are going to face. The road to success will not be full of roses but in the end when you successfully make it to other side and find that you achieved your goals all of these bad moments will turn into good memories.

You will say: “I faced stress, pain, anger, grief, depression and disappointment but I overcame it all and got what I wanted and I'm proud of that.”

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