When everyone rejects your ideas

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When everyone rejects your ideas:

Sometimes you may find that everyone around is opposing you, that people are rejecting you, rejecting your ideas, putting you down or even questioning your dreams.

What a hard moment. You may even start to question your own abilities and dreams. The dreams you once believed in and the dreams you once fought for. You may get depressed, you may stop trying or even start to believe that you've been wrong all that time and then give up.

The big test

I call this period the big test. Its the period when you start testing the strength of your beliefs. Its the period where you have to decide whether you really deserve to succeed or not and whether people's opinions are right.

It's the period where your decisions may either add another crack to your self confidence or awaken your challenging spirit. It's the period where you can decide to hold on to your dreams as much as you can or forget about them and give up.

You are not alone!!

Don’t think that you are the only person who faced that situation. Almost everyone faced such rejections before in his life but sadly some people were fooled.

They thought that the problem was with them and so they gave up on their dreams. Only a few continued to the end and those few discovered that it was the right decision. The following are examples of some of those people:

  • Japanese electronic products were considered low quality products by the whole world. Here in Egypt we used to say things like: “I wasn’t surprised to find it faulty; it's Japanese”. Nowadays "made in japan" means that the product is of a high quality!
  • Mary Higgins was rejected more than 30 times before she published her first story and sold millions of copies
  • John Creasy's writings were rejected more than 700 times before he sold 300 stories!!
  • Dr Suess’s writings were rejected more than twenty times before his books' profits reached 100 million.
  • Abraham Lincoln failed to start his own business. Four years later his wife died. One year later he had a nervous breakdown and had to stay in bed for six months. Few years after he was defeated at the congress elections and was defeated again three years later. Seven years later he was defeated at the senate elections and this happened again three years later. Finally, two years later he won the elections and became the president of the united states.

It's all about believing in yourself

What’s the point of all of these stories? The only point is that those people believed in themselves and that's why they succeeded.

Anyone of them could have thought that they didn’t deserve success and then gave up midway. But if that had happened their names wouldn't have been in this article.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you could be the next John Creasy or even the next Lincoln; why give up right after being rejected once or twice?

You must rebuild your own beliefs about yourself, your work and your skills, so that when people reject you (when the time of the big test comes) you find yourself unaffected by them

Know that gold always lies buried under the ground with many people stepping on this ground and not caring to look for it. But when people find it by coincidence they may kill each other to get it or even start a war for it. Trust your abilities, be persistent; life only remembers the strong.

Did that help?

I don’t have confidence in my abilities.

Many people have told me before that I am no good

Maybe i was rejected because i wasn't that good

I still feel bad

I am depressed

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