criticism and the law of attraction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

criticism and the law of attraction

Jack’s business was performing very well compared to other businesses in his town. One day one of friends told him: “I think that your management style isn’t that good
,it needs some improvement.”

Jack totally ignored this comment then few months later another friend told him that he should change his management style. Jack ignored that advice as well just like he ignored the other one.

Few years later Jack’s business faced some serious financial trouble and was about to go bankrupt. During that time he remembered all the criticism he received from his friends and thought that they might be right.

Fortunately, before he could put that decision into action his company made it through its crisis and once again it became very successful. At this point jack completely forgot about the advice of his friend once again.

What happened here??!! Why did Jack only remember his friend's comments when he was in trouble and why did he forget about them when his business became successful again?

Your subconscious mind attracts what you focus on

This is how your subconscious mind works. Your mind attracts whatever you think of. If you thought of failure you’ll remember every failure you’ve experienced. When you think negatively about something you did you’ll remember every criticism, every negative comment and every warning you received.

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how as soon as you start doubting your abilities you will remember all the negative comments that people said about you. This is another example for attracting what you are thinking about.

Don't worry if you found this happening to you but Instead just take these comments into consideration without putting much weight to them.

Know that if you’ve been doing fine for a long time and suddenly ran into some temporary trouble then it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your fault. Try to think of the real reasons behind your problem instead of recalling past comments or criticism that you’ve received.

Also remember that you will get what you focus on. So if you focused on criticism you will attract more of it and you will remember all of the criticism you’ve received while if you focused on complements you will attract all the complements that you have received.

Using this information to convince someone

After knowing all that you can use this information to convince someone to believe in your ideas, dreams or in you.

All you have to do is to keep feeding him with your ideas every now and then even if he seemed not interested. Each time you say a comment it will be stored in his mind until one day he will run into an event that will let him recall all what you have been saying and this time he will believe you.

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