The importance of reading

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Indifference, helplessness and motivation

In my previous article why do I lack motivation I explained how helplessness can lead to indifference then to depression.

I have also mentioned that the difference between self motivated people and those who lack motivation is that the first group believes that they know the way out while the second group doesn’t know what they should do in order to solve their problems.

Its clear that if you don't have a solution that you believe in for a problem then you will feel helpless and then this helplessness will lead to indifference which will lead to depression later on.

The importance of reading

So what does reading has to do with all this?

Suppose that two people had a poor self image because they were very slim then both decided to workout in order to improve their body shape.

If one of them knew about the right exercises he should perform he will soon start seeing results and will become motivated to continue while if the other kept trying wrong ones then found no results he will feel helpless and lose motivation.

It’s clear that the only difference between the two is Knowing the right thing that must be done. After all searching the internet for few hours can help them find all the information they need to know about working out.

Knowledge can prevent helplessness

This was a simple example but in real life almost any problem in the world requires some information before it can be solved.

If you have no money you need to learn how to make money, if you have no friends then you need to learn some social skills while if want to get a better job you need to learn some job hunting techniques.

If at any point you found yourself facing a problem that you can’t solve because of lack of information you will experience helplessness. So knowledge and reading can prevent helpless, can make you more motivated and can prevent depression!!

The only difference between motivated people and those who become indifferent then depressed is that motivated people know what they should do in order to solve their problems while the others lack the information required.

Read as much as you can and keep learning new skills so that you don't find yourself helpless one day.

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