This is why you can't stop watching porn

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Bad habits and the subconscious mind

False beliefs are among the most popular causes of bad habits. If a person has a false belief about a certain habit then quitting this habit might be impossible before the person manages to change that belief.

In a previous article i said that porn and masturbation addiction are among the habits that are surrounded by a large number of false beliefs. In that article i said that porn actually increases sexual frustration and doesn't reduce it.

Now if a person believes that porn helps him release his sexual frustration then he will never manage to quit before he gets rid of that wrong belief.

When you have a false belief about a habit your subconscious mind will hardly make you motivated to quit it. After all if a part of you thinks that a habit is good for you then how do you think this part will ever work with you.

Each person has a different set beliefs about the habits he does. One of the most powerful methods that can help you get over a bad habit is finding your own set of beliefs then working on verifying their truth.

This is why you can't stop watching porn

Remember the basic anchoring principle i talked about earlier?
The principle states that if two events happened together then they will become bound together in the mind.

Let me get to the practical example right away. While watching porn pleasure chemicals will be released in your body. Now anything that you see during that porn session will be connected to happiness and pleasure.

Let's suppose you started watching porn because one image aroused you by coincidence. In such a case all the images you will see during the porn sessions , even the ones that don't really attract you, will be associated with pleasure in your mind.

Now let's suppose that you saw 250 uninteresting images as you were watching porn. Those 250 images will be associated with pleasure and they might force you to watch porn in the future if you remembered any of them.

In other words by watching porn you open the possibility for hundreds of future porn sessions. In the future you might feel like watching porn just because you remembered one of those images that you saw in the previous session.

As you might have already guessed this leads to an endless cycle of addiction and relapsing.

Break the anchors

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that there is only one soloution to this problem and this soloution is formed of three parts.

The first part of the soloution is consciously understanding that watching porn today can lead to arousal tomorrow or even weeks later. The second part is breaking the anchors you already formed by resisting the urge to watch porn whenever you feel like it. Shortly those anchors will be broken and you will hardly connect them with pleasure again.

The third part is preventing yourself from creating new anchors by not watching porn again even when you feel aroused. Do this and your chance of quitting will become much higher.

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