Watching porn increases sexual frustration

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Porn makes the problem worse

This article is part two of my article why masturbation can never help you release sexual frustration. In the previous part i said that an addictive amount of the chemical dopamine is released in the brain when a person watches porn.

With total disregard to sexual desire this amount of dopamine results in dopamine addiction which forces a person to return to porn again after quitting.

In this article i will talk about a different thing which is how the porn session itself can lead to an increased sexual frustration and not the opposite. Dopamine is the go-get-it-chemical. When it's released you get motivated to seek rewards.

When it gets released in very large amounts , such as when watching porn, your desire to seek rewards becomes extremely powerful that you might feel like you are attracted to the screen with a magnet.

This is why once a person sees the first few porn images it becomes extremely hard for them to stop or leave.

Porn increases sexual frustration

Now the person who thinks that he is releasing his sexual frustration by watching porn is actually increasing this frustration as more and more dopamine gets injected in his system. The person can't have sex yet he is forcing his body to release a chemical that motivates him to have sex.

As a result the person can keep watching porn for hours and nothing can stop him except masturbation. When masturbation happens sexual frustration isn't released but a chemical that suppresses the release of dopamine is just released. See why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire.

There is why there is a refractory period where a male can hardly get sexually stimulated by anything. But shortly after that , sometimes in less than 30 minutes, the chemical that suppresses dopamine stops and the person returns back to the point he was in hours if not minutes ago.

So what porn does exactly is that it keeps increasing sexual frustration until a person pulls the breaks then shortly the person leaves the breaks to return back to where he started from. This is why porn addicted is one of the biggest lies people live in for years.

Porn addiction and false beliefs

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that the number one factor that prevents many people from ever getting over those habits is the false beliefs they have about them.

If a person thinks that porn can help him release sexual frustration he will never be able to get over that habit but once that person realizes that he is actually fooling himself and that he is increasing his sexual frustration by watching porn quitting will be much easier.

of course each person will usually have more than one false belief regarding porn and by getting over all of those beliefs and replacing them with the right ones quitting can be a much easier task.

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