Why porn addiction has nothing to do with sexual desire

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

It's not what you think

The habit of porn addiction troubles many people. Many of those people believe that their sexual desire is the main drive for this habit while in fact most of the reasons that lead to masturbation addiction have little if any connection to sexual desire.

Studies have shown that people become addicted to porn because of the release of a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is released by the brain when it expects a certain reward. When people watch novel porn images dopamine is released.

If a porn addict kept just one image in front of him then shortly he will get bored even if he initially thought that the picture was so provoking. Now if that person shifted to a novel image ,an image that he haven't seen before, then renewed arousal will happen.

In other words you don't get addicted to porn because you are sexually aroused or because you have high testosterone but it happens because you became a dopamine addict and the only way for your body to produce dopamine in large quantities is to seek intense novelty. See also how harmful is internet porn addiction.

Addiction, dopamine and bizarre stuff

In the the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that studies have shown that porn addicts have brains that are very similar to drug addicts. A porn addict is motivated by the same exact thing that motivates a drug addict. The desire to elevate the dopamine level to get their natural high is the main reason some people become porn addicts.

This is exactly why porn sites introduce new types of shocking and bizarre porn. For a porn addict it might be very disgusting to watch images for something like Granny-porn but as the regular porn fails to provide the addict's brain with enough dopamine he searches for novel things in order to force his brain to produce more dopamine even if those things were very bizarre. See Why watching porn can lead to perversion.

Now as that person watches that kind of bizarre porn dopamine gets released and so he believes that he found something he likes while in fact he just found what triggers the substance he is badly addicted to.

This is why people fail to break that habit

The reason so many people fail to break the habit of porn addiction is that they mistakenly connect it to their sexual desire. After all it feels much better, especially for males, to believe that they are porn addicts because they have a higher sexual desire instead of believing that it's just about a subtance addiction.

Yes in some cases sexual desire can force a person to watch porn but if you isolated those cases you will find that in most of the cases you are just after the dopamine rush and that's it.

I am writing a new book about stopping the habits of masturbation and porn addiction, hopefully i release it this February. In the beginning of the book i started by explaining how false beliefs about those bad habits can be the main reason those habits remain for years.

Believing that you are addicted to porn because you are sexually very active is certainly one of those false beliefs.

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