Why watching porn can make you a pervert

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Chicken or egg?

The purpose of this article isn't to discuss whether a person who watches porn is considered a pervert or not because that's a philosophical point and in 2knowmyself we only discuss practical things.

The purpose of this article is to show you that watching porn can turn you into a real pervert who has twisted desires that might not be socially acceptable.

Many kinds of Bizarre search keywords are becoming popular among people who search for porn. I have read an article that said that Granny porn , porn that involves very old women, is becoming very popular on the internet.

In the beginning i found this very puzzling, after all both men and women are hard wired to get attracted to certain things then how can someone get that twisted? and Why would a person search for terms such a 9-years-old-porn?

The answer is very simple, Those kinds of perversions happen gradually as a person watches more and more porn.
Let's examine how this happens.

What happens to your mind while watching porn

Most porn addicts don't get addicted to porn because they are sexually frustrated but they do so because they are looking for a dopamine rush. Of course sexual frustration might be the trigger for watching porn but the reason a porn addict keeps moving from a page to another for long periods of time is mainly because he is getting a dopamine rush. See Why masturbation can never help you release sexual frustration.

Dopamine is a chemical that results in pleasurable feelings. It is released when a person expects a certain reward. Now because porn websites are all about expected rewards a person keeps clicking and expecting things to show up.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that this kind of dopamine rush is extremely addictive and it's the number one reason some people become porn addicts. The supply of porn on the internet is almost infinite and as a result a porn addict has an unlimited source of dopamine that he can access right away. See also how harmful is internet porn addiction.

It's the same exactly as becoming addicted to a certain substance while having infinite supply of this substance at home.

How perversion happens

As watching porn becomes a habit a person might stop getting excited about the things he searches for often. In other words the same kind of porn can fail to provide the person with the amount of dopamine he is looking for and since dopamine is all about novelty a person might feel like trying something new.

Slowly and gradually a person might find himself developing strange interests even if they seemed disgusting in the beginning. Under the extremely powerful effect of dopamine addiction a person can feel like watching something totally novel even if it seemed bizarre.

During the first time that person watches something like that he might feel guilty for having such a twisted desire but as the person repeats the habit over and over and as dopamine addiction totally takes over his brain watching such things might turn into a habit. See also why people feel guilty after masturbation

After some time that person can get bored of this kind of porn then move to a totally novel one. It's just like a ladder where a person keeps descending one baby step every few weeks until he ends up with totally perverted desires. see also How watching Porn can make you Homosexual.

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