Why masturbation will never help you release sexual frustration

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Myths about Masturbation most men have

When you talk to a man about masturbation most probably you will find that he has one of those myths in his mind if not all of them.

  • 1- If i don't masturbate i will be sexually frustrated
  • 2- My body needs to release the Extra semen
  • 3- Masturbation helps me calm down my sexual desire

The interesting thing here is that those statments are among the primary reasons some men masturbate and in the same time all of those statements are totally incorrect from a scientific point of view.

What's more interesting here is that masturbation can have the exact opposite effect on the peopel who do it.

Masturbation increases sexual frustration

On the very short term masturbation helps a man calm down and stop thinking about sex. But after few days , and sometimes less, the man remembers the great experience he had days ago.

This great experience mainly results from the release of certain chemicals during the process that makes the brain feel good. If the person also watches porn then an addictive amount of dopamine will be released in the brain during the process that will make it very hard for that man to break that habit. See how harmful is Porn addiction.

In other words the more you masturbate and the more you find masturbation joyful the more you will become addicted to that habit and the harder it will be for you to break it.

Sexual frustration doesn't add up

So many people mistakenly assume that sexual frustration adds up as a person stops masturbation and sex. Those men assume that as they wait more and more days their sexual frustration will be building up but that's totally incorrect.

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that a man can have a strong sexual desire on one day then the next day he might find himself totally not interested. This doesn't mean that a man can lose his sexual desire on some days but it just means that the graph of sexual desire varies greatly and that having a strong sexual desire on a Saturday doesn't mean that you will have a stronger sexual desire on Sunday. In fact the opposite can happen without masturbation or having sex. See Why masturbation can lower self confidence and cause depression.

Want to try that yourself?
Stop masturbation for a month and record your sexual desire everyday on a scale from 1 to 10. You will find that it's so normal to have 1s and 2s after days where it was 9 or 10.

Your body knows when to release extra semen

Your body was designed to get rid of the extra semen when it needs to do so. Men who don't masturbate usually have wet dreams. The purpose of those wet dreams is to release the extra semen in the right time. And of course, your body knows better than you.

In other words there are no health effects at all for holding yourself from both masturbation and sex.

The conclusion

Masturbation leads to excitement which leads to more masturbation and so breaking the habit becomes hard. Your false beliefs , rather than your sexual frustration, are the main reason you can't quit that habit.

Your body's addiction to certain chemicals is ,in most cases , the main driving forces behind masturbation and not real sexual frustration.

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