How watching Porn can make you Homosexual

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is there a connection?

Is there a connection between becoming gay and watching porn?
In a previous article called why some people become gay i explained the view of individual psychology , which was pioneered by Alfred Adler, on homosexual people.

According to individual Psychology no one is born gay but people make unconscious decisions about their sexual desire in their very early years. A two or even three years old infant can develop his sexual orientation as a result of the experiences that he has been through.

This is why some people think they were born gay. Simply because in many cases it happens during early years of infancy that the person finds a perfect excuse to blame his genes. See why some women become lesbians.

So why is this introduction needed?
Because According to one theory watching porn can turn a person gay.

How watching Porn can make you gay

All psychologists know that neurons that fire together wire together. Let me explain this statement in more detail. If you listened to a song so many times during your high school years then years later you listened to it you are very likely to remember your high school years.

This happens because the neurons that fired when you listened to the song were wired with the neurons that fired when you had certain experiences during your high school years. See why we get bored of songs.

So what does this has to do with being homosexual?
two things usually happen to the person who watches porn regularly

  • 1) That person experiences pleasant feelings: The chemicals released while watching porn usually results in pleasant feelings. See how harmful is Porn addiction
  • 2) That person sees naked images of both sexes: The person who watches porn usually comes across naked images of both sexes

Now what do you think might happen if you kept experiencing pleasant feelings while watching naked members of the same sex (indirectly of course)?

The neurons that fire together wire together, remember?
In other words your brain might change its structure to let you find members of the same sex more attractive.
Of course this can never happen in a month or two but as the time passes and as you keep getting exposed to more images your brain can slowly change its structure and turn you into a homosexual person.

Why people who try might turn homosexual

using creativity and being open minded as an excuse many people decide to try new wrong things. The problem is that if any kind of pleasure was experienced during a task then the brain might change its structure.

Of course this is just a theory and no solid evidence backs it yet but the reason i decided to write about it is that it makes a lot of sense.

As a person gets more familiar with naked bodies of the same sex he might start feeling more comfortable around them. This comfort can be transformed into pleasure because the person was already feeling good as a result of the high dopamine his brain was releasing.

When the pleasure gets interpreted by the brain in a wrong way it can be attributed to seeing members of the same sex and so the person can turn homosexual or bisexual.

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