Why some women hate sex

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Men and women are different

Why some women hate sex?

Of course it's really puzzling for a man to discover that a woman hates sex. After all, men think that sex is a pleasant act and assume that all women think the same.

The first problem that leads to misunderstanding between men and women is that they both think that they are alike. The truth is that the male brain isn't like the female brain as there are many things that both males and females perceive differently.

When it comes to males little psychological factors can affect their sexual desire. Yes psychological factors still affect the sexual desire of most people but for females their circuits can be overridden much easier by those factors.

In other words the unconscious goals a woman has might affect her ability to enjoy sex, make sex unpleasant or even make it painful.

For men things are pretty direct. Most men will be able to enjoy sex without worrying about anything but sex itself. For women many things at the back of their minds can have a direct impact on their sexual desire.

Why some women hate sex

So why do some women hate sex?

Just as you might have already guessed the subconscious mind of those women think that having sex is bad. If for example a woman got married to a man she didn't really like then she might find sex unpleasant. In such a case the circuits in her brain responsible for sexual pleasure will not work properly. This woman might not find sex pleasant just because on the unconscious level she doesn't like that man much.

For men such things never exist. A man can enjoy sex with a woman he knows nothing about.
A woman's sexual desire has the role of helping her raise children in a healthy environment. If the woman didn't believe that the man she is with can raise healthy kids then she might lose her sexual appetite. See also what turns women on.

By doing so she will be moving towards the unconscious goal of protecting her future children.

This doesn't mean that each woman who doesn't enjoy sex hates her husband because there are many other cases where a woman would find sex unpleasant even if she likes the man she is with.

A woman who is too afraid of responsibility might find sex unpleasant because on the unconscious level she is scared to have children. A woman who was sexually abused might find sex painful because her brain circuits changed to prevent her from enjoying sex in the future.

In other words psychological factors affect the sexual desire of women to a great extent and that's why some of them might not enjoy sex the way men do.

What about men who get bored?

It's very rare to find a man who doesn't enjoy sex. However what's common between men is loss of interest. Generally if the man was after sex and nothing else then he might lose sexual interest in a woman. See why Sex before marriage is bad.

In another theory it's stated that men get bored of their partners because they were designed to enjoy sexual variety.

But in most cases a man's sexual desire won't be that affected by his unconscious goals. Yes men have different sexual fantasies because they have a different psychological makeup however it's very rare , if ever existent, that a male ends up hating sex because of his unconscious goals.

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