What are the subconscious goals and how they affect your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What are the subconscious goals?

In so many of my articles i made a reference to the subconscious and i pointed out how they can affect your life. In this article i will talk about the subconscious goals in more details and tell you how your life can change because of them.

You can easily develop a new goal at any point of time. For example you might decide that you are going to eat less fatty foods to lose weight. This decision was made on the conscious level and as a result it resulted in a conscious goal.

When i talked about the subconscious mind i explained how it operates independently from the conscious mind. Just like you consciously set goals using your conscious mind your subconscious mind can have its own goals as well.

Subconscious goals are usually not brought into conscious awareness easily. In other words a person's subconscious mind might be working to achieve a certain goal without the person knows. (see Is your mind working against you?)

Let me give you a small example to make things clear. A guy named Sam believed that people think that he is worthless. Because Sam had a very low confidence he was too afraid to confront people or meet new ones.

Sam's subconscious mind developed the goal of keeping him away from people by making him an internet addict. Sam tried to cure his internet addiction for a long period of time but didn't find any success simply because he didn't understand that his subconscious mind wanted to keep this addiction to keep him away from people.

Why lack of self understanding can ruin your life

Lets suppose that your mind had developed certain important unconscious goals. In such a case unless you become aware of those goals you might find yourself doing things you don't understand, unable to break certain habits or unable to get motivated. (See Why logic can't motivate you)

In my article Why do people smoke cigarettes i explained how many of the bad habits people do ,including smoking, are a direct result of the unconscious mind's desire to achieve certain goals.

In the Super powers course i said that when a conflict happens between the conscious and the subconscious mind the later always wins. If a teen decided to stop smoking because it's bad for his health then he will certainly fail if his subconscious mind wanted him to smoke to achieve a certain goal such as rebelling against his parents.

Each and every unwanted behaviour that you can't stop can be resulting directly from your unconscious mind's desire to get something done and thus the only way to change your behaviour is to understand those unconscious goals.

The problem with unconscious goals

The subconscious mind sets goals to help the person live a better life but sometimes those goals bring the opposite results. Here are few reasons:

  • 1) The unconscious goals can conflict with the conscious goals
  • 2) The subconscious mind can use strange way to achieve its goals such as making a person sick to help him get some attention from the people who ignore him
  • 3)The person might not be aware of the presence of an unconscious goal

By understanding your self more and bridging the gap between your conscious and unconscious mind you will be able to break unwanted habits, reach your goals and live a better life.

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